Capricorn Full Moon! Game Changer!

Please, welcome in the Powerhouse of Full Moons - Capricorn Full Moon which ushers in a time to Stomp or be stomped! Or alternatively the choice to run..... But, hold on! Before you do any of that… truth be told, that none of that will serve you well! This full moon truly offers a time to step forward to empower yourself through Purposeful and deep change! 

Yes, intense doesn't do justice in describing the energy of this full moon….  yet, if we throw out our positive attitude we'll just land up feeding the fear of the collective! In this new age, you have the ability to be the game changer of this forever changing World! The true question is “are you ready for change?”

May I liberate mySelf from my past,
so that I may fully express my
True Magnetism into the World.
— Belinda Pearl

Nestled seductively next to the full moon is Pluto, Pluto’s energy is all about shaking your deep dark foundations while Capricorn is all out the Foundations. So, if you have been waiting for a make-over now, now is your chance. And, even more so if you have been resisting change, know that you have a lot of change in-store for you during this full moon phase. So, expect to receive a full head-to-toe revamp.

The Cosmos has something new in-store for all of us, those old foundations, patterns and programs are about to become null ’n void. So, let me pre-empt this change with the notion that all change is good, and this change will lift you to higher states of awareness. So, resist not and go with the inevitable flow as, Pluto offers his hand in shaking the foundations of your old truth as, he literally uncouples you from the inside out, so that new action can be taken!

Now, if you have been stuck in relationships or interactions with people that have been less than harmonious, it is time to promptly remove yourself from those old worn out patterns, and seek out those that are more aligned with your higher truth. And, know those that run through life with their Ego inflated, will too receive a wide awakening - as, the “Ego way” is so old school and completely not in alignment with this new age.

Under this full moon conjunct Pluto cosmology, all relationships will be stirred up untangling you from old karmic patterns that leave you entrenched in old spaces with others that are not of the same feather. The old analogy, “birds of a feather will flock together” will be highlighted in an unusual way, showing you that your feathers havechanged, andpushing you to the edge of your current nest, as you have been yearning for a new nest in which to nestle. And, THAT IS OK! if you feel that you no longer want to “flock together” with certain people. We are being called to reform and, to find a new flock!

As, we transcend these old relationships, you can begin to focus your energy on uplifting yourself through the Sea of Emotions that will be flooding in on this Full Moon - all perfectly timed and well needed, to endure these changes and release those old emotions that have been pushed well below the surface. Pluto’s energy will literally pull these emotions from you to finally set you free, so that you may rise once again!

This full moon and the planetary alignments also offer a perfect mirror in which to reflect about what you tell yourself. What is your inner dialogue? Instead of attacking yourself with the inner rhetoric of your old self, rather rise above and nourish your Soul with Love! These are the times, for clearing your inner and outer closets by offering loving kindness to yourself and then, extending it outward into the World. 

Under the Glow of this Full Moon dive head first into the changes that await, heed the call and step forward with Cause! With Change comes powerful Evolution!

May the Glow of this Full Moon nourish your Soul!
In Love Always!

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