The Ultimate Celebration.

Whatever occassion you are choosing to celebrate, I create a sacred vortex to honour the space that you celebrating. These personalized Group Events, can range from a 1-hour to 4-hour (or longer) experience where, I intuitively craft sacred space with candles, crystals, colors, flowers, and light in which you and your friends/family can truly rest, relax and rejuvenate within.

I offer a wide-range of modalities that can be combined into any Experience:

Yoga (for all levels including vinyasa, yin, restorative)
Guided Meditation
Crystal and Reiki Healing
Sound Bath
Intention Setting Ceremony
Candle Medicine
Manifestation Charms

Ceremonies & Rituals.

If you are called to hold a Ceremony or Ritual, such as a blessing for a newborn, an honoring of a friendship, or engagement/wedding to your beloved. I offer Sacred Ceremony and Rituals, that include Prayers, and specific rituals for the type of ceremony requested.

I am also an ordained minister, and can offer marriage ceremonies.

Plan your next event with me!