Discover YOU! One on One - Mentoring

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Discover YOU! One on One - Mentoring


Discover the treasures of life! YOU!

You are your own treasure chest, which holds the most valuable insights into your own life.

Through our one-on-one one Spirit-led sessions, we discover the real you, all that you have been hiding from the World. So, if you have been feeling lost, distracted, depressed, anxious, or whatever emotion has you fixed and stuck.

Together we will work in a compassionate environment that will unhinge you, and unplug you from your past experiences, and patterns.

Every session is personalized for you; there is no one formula each person presents the perfect scenario to discover his or her own personal journey to inner and outer freedom.

Let me walk with you, hand-in-hand we will empower you to embody the pillars of life that will sustain you, and support you through all life’s encounters.

In our sessions, we will discover the lessons and practical tools for you to take with you each week.

Sessions include varying modalities from breathwork, meditation, akashic record readings, oracular divination, energy work, hypnotherapy and more. 

Each session is 60 minute by phone.

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