Living each day in the moment.

Hailing from Africa, Belinda heeds to the call of her Ancestral lineage. With over 25+ years of delving deep into Healing, Metaphysics and the Mystics, Belinda brings a wealth of health, mindful wellbeing, spiritual and esoteric knowledge into her personal development, spiritual healing and teaching.

Having studied various alternative healing and holistic modalities as, well as mindful movement through an extensive athletic and Yoga career; Belinda's knowledge includes intensive inquiry in kinesiology, sports science, movement therapy, somatic-and-energetic healing; as well as esoteric-spiritual teachings passed through from various wisdom teachers and her ancestral lineage.

Belinda was led to the United States by Divine Guidance, her Yoga and Ayurvedic studies in the USA include 200-hour Vinyasa, 300-hour Yoga and Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Counselling programs, as well as studies with great teachers such as David Frawley, Mas Vidal, Tim Miller, Geri Portnoy and Brian Dorfman. Belinda continues to delve into Ayurvedic, Vedic, Yoga, Energetic Healing and Spiritual studies.

Belinda's methodology of teaching is to invoke healing and evolution in every student she meets.

Everyday presents an opportunity for evolution and growth. Every breath provides us the space to remember our Soul Truth. A life lived in love is a life lived in grace.
— Belinda Pearl


Socially Cosmic.

Cosmic Musings from the ether'net.  I am blessed with the ability to connect to Spirit with ease, from these Soulful intuitive connections I am able to channel these beautiful insights from the Divine into my writings, which I love sharing across the ether.