Develop Your Intuition

This course is for you, whether you are simply wanting to improve your life, or if you wish to develop your intuition to utilize it in business. This is the perfect training to help you master your unique intuitive gift.

Tune-In: Awaken your Intuition (Online Group Series)

This online experience series: Will be released in 3-levels, each level leads you to uncover and discover how to deepen your experience and relationship with your intuition. More details on the way! Connect with me to get on to the waiting list.

Tune-In: A 4-week (One-on-One) Mentorship Program for Intuition Development

This one-on-one mentorship program will be curated per your needs. Connect with me to sign up!

The Vision

This program has been developed through years of intuitive experience, I have recognized that it is important to personalize the program to each person’s unique needs. The program does provide a specific structure, yet it will be adapted to you.

The Experience

The Program will cover topics, such as:

  • What does it mean to be intuitive?

  • The Power of Intuition

  • Types of Intuitive Awarenesses

  • Quietening the Mind

  • Learning to Listen

  • Tuning in to your Intuition

  • Develop your Intuition

  • Intuition Empowerment

  • Trusting your Intuition

  • Psychic Protection

  • Sacred Space for Intuition Development

  • Development of your Personal Intuitive Senses

  • Being “In the Intuitive Zone”

  • Inner Guidance

  • Higher Self

The program includes, experiential exercises, meditations and assignments. Plus, recordings of each session.

A very important piece of this program is that you will received personalized mentoring to help guide you to develop your Intuition.

All sessions are done via phone or zoom.

Personalized Mentoring


Small Groups

Small group workshops are also offered throughout the year, please contact me about the next upcoming workshop.


Dive into the full mentorship program, or take a single session.

Intuition Development Mentorship Program
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Intuition Development Mentorship Session
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