A Passion Project - Women Supporting Women

What is the Flower Project?

The Flower Project was birthed in an instant moment when I was deeply touched by a story shared with me about young women in need. A story about young South African girls, that needed basic necessities.

Since, that moment The Flower Project has grown into a greater vision of Women Supporting Women, a Global Sisterhood, where women can truly support other women in need.

Projects in the Making

Young Women and Girls in South Africa in need of basic necessities! The birthing star of the Flower Project came from a conversation from my mother that invoked tears. My mother has dedicated her life to helping people, she has spent thousands of hours giving her time selflessly. In her efforts to bring charitable work to the less fortunate, she uncovered the need for young girls in South Africa, that are literally deprived of basic sanitary needs. This project is still in the “making”, as there are some major logistics that need to be carefully navigated. I am looking for sponsorship to help me bridge the gap and logistics.

Women in Service - Thank you for your Service. In March 2019, I successfully launched the Flower Project by creating a Yoga-based event in San Diego, CA that was focused on Women in the Military. In the creation of this project, I was able to curate a group of Women that happily supported this inaugural event that was hosted in a beautiful park environment. We also procured sponsorship for the event by Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Leucadia, CA. The next event will hopefully be available to all women in service during October 2019. Check back for details.

Police Women in Service in South Africa. In 2010, I had the privilege to share yoga and meditation with a group of South African Police Women. Women in the SAP (South African Police) have hugely stressful jobs, it was a beautiful experience witnessing these women enjoy a gift from the heart, that taught them the benefits of breathing, mindful movement, and learning how to relax and let go for an hour. This is another project that calls to my heart, I am looking for sponsorship to help me bring this project to fruition again by traveling back to South Africa to share Yoga with women in the South African Police Department.

In order for these projects to grow roots and sprout branches would be by procuring sponsorships and support. If you are interested in supporting the Flower Project, please connect with me.

Support & Sponsorship