Sedona "Heal the Healer" Retreat

HEAL the HEALER, is a quantum Energetic immersion invoking a TRANSFORMational experience of Spirit, Light and Fun. TRANSFORMing mind-body and soul into the True Exalted Oneness of your Whole, HolySelf. Healers of all walks of life and lineages are welcome.

This retreat is designed for those, that are ready to step more fully into their True HolySelf as a Healer. This retreat truly ignites the Healer within.

Renew your Spirt Retreat on Whidbey Island, WA

RENEW THE SPIRIT, is a quantum energetic immersion invoking a Spiritual TRANSFORMation that will Renew your Spirit through a TRANSFORMative mind-body and soul excursion into the Soul. All Healers, Alchemist, Mystics and Followers of the Heart are welcome.

The Retreat

A TRANSFORMational experience facilitated through the Portal of the Heart, intuitively guided through ritualized journey’s including meditation, movement, breath, sound, akashic healing experiences, energetic realignments and unparalleled soul empowerments.

Daily Guided Meditations
Daily Mindful Movement and Breath work
Daily Group Healing Sessions
Daily Akashic Perspectives (Group Messages)
In-depth Personal Excursions

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What to Expect

Our Intention

We are here to hold the Space Sacred for you to step into Wholeness. We are the Crystalline Gatekeepers here to open the Cosmic Portal of Light so you may be TRANSFORMed into your highest form of self.

Who We Are

We are your Oracle Diviners, Mystics, Alchemists and Poets. We are the muses of the Universe with a combined Soul Purpose of showing you the Way!

Our Divine Design has led us here, to share this Path of TRANSFORMational Healing and Evolutionary Soul Awakening with you.    

Meet your Guides

Belinda Pearl and Spencer Leu are your guides, we will lead you through your TRANSFORMational healing. 

We each bring an unique blend of lineages, and ancestral light healing plus, a myriad of modalities. Together we work within the Light, channeling the Akashic Realm and Crystalline REIKI Light Healing. Discover more about your TRANSFORMational guides.

Renew your Spirit in a Sanctuary created for Earth Guardians, and Light Bearers. Tucked away in the wetlands of Whidbey Island we shall dive into a journey of Spiritual Awakening guided by our Ancestors and the Elders of the Land to create a haven for Spiritual Awakening. The ancient medicine locked away in the land of this Idyllic sanctuary will Nourish and Inspire you as you embark on an Alchemical Journey to re-ignite your Soul Essence. Preview our secluded healing sanctuary.



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