Current Workshops

Evolutionary Light Healing I - includes Reiki Healing I

Are you ready to step forward as a Healer? Reiki I is that first step. Learn the classical Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki re-envisioned for the Evolving New Age. Evolutionary Light Healing takes Reiki to the next level.

The workshop is taught one-on-one or in a small group setting. Connect with me to setup your first step in Reiki.

Evolutionary Light Healing || with Reiki II

Take the next step in Healing, move beyond your hands to become an awakened healer with this intensive training that includes Reiki II. Your experience of Reiki shifts at this degree, you are able to tap into varying dimensions of Universal and Reiki Energy. As an Evolutionary Light Healer, you are able to work at a quantum level.

The Evolutionary Light Healing and Reiki II are taught over a 6-month period, where you will receive varying Evolutionary and Reiki attunements, which include the classical Usui Shiki Ryoho symbols, plus you receive personalized symbols for your Soul’s blueprint. This level awakens you to an entire new experience of yourself.

Connect with me to setup your next step in healing, Reiki II.

Explore the Power of Igniting the varying levels of consciousness through the very strands of your DNA. You will be attuned to the Golden DNA Helix that you can weave into any healing practice. This workshop also gives you varying tools from guided meditations, affirmations, decrees to share with your clients, friends and family.

The workshop is taught one-on-one or in a small group setting. Connect with me to setup your an upgrade in your Healing journey.

DNA Reiki I

Dolphin Reiki

Explore the profound magic of tapping into Dolphin Frequencies to channel through high-frequency sonic healing. Dolphins are master healers willing to share their healing with this World. Now, you can channel Dolphin Reiki for a truly profound energetic frequency of Love, and Playful Light. Add a new dimension to your healing practice.