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Divination of the Sacred Oracle

Experience the Realm of your Soul this November through the Divination of the Sacred Oracle.

I am pleased to offer a gift of Spirit to you through the Grace of the Oracle. Join me for a sacred journey into the Unfoldment of deeper awareness and insight into your life.

This November I am offering a journey though the storybook of your Life, unfolding the Truth of your Soul through the divination of the Sacred Oracle.

We will delve into the mystical messages divined for your highest Truth and Unfoldment

Book at session during November for an Oracle Reading:

    •    Phone Readings at $60 for an hour.
    •    In-person reading at $90 for an hour.

The essence of the Sacred Oracle reveals the Illuminating Truth for you to truly step into your Wholeness.

You can also read my blog about The Grace of the Oracle for further discover of the immense power of this mystical gift.