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Renew your Spirit Retreat in the Healing Sanctuary of Whidbey Island, WA

  • Whidbey Island, WA USA (map)

RENEW YOUR SPIRIT, is a quantum energetic immersion invoking Spiritual TRANSFORMational of mind, body and Soul.

Renew your Spirit Retreat on Whidbey Island

Experience a Shamanic-Inspired Healing, Meditation, Yogic and Breathwork Retreat to Renew your Spiritual Essence.

What to Expect.

RENEW THE SPIRIT, is a quantum energetic immersion invoking a Spiritual TRANSFORMation that will Renew your Spirit through a TRANSFORMative mind-body and soul excursion into the Soul. All Healers, Alchemist, Mystics, and Followers of the Heart are welcome.

3 Days / 2 Nights of Guided Healing and Ritual Experiences
3 Meals a Day (Holistic, organic Vegan and Vegetarian meals)
A private rustic location nestled in the wetlands of Whidbey Island, WA
Various accommodation options available
Space is limited! 

DATE: MAY 4-6, 2018
COST: EARLY BIRD pricing starts at $900 for shared accommodation/$1,150 for private accommodation when booked by March 3rd, thereafter $975 for shared/$1,225 for private.

The Elders have called! You have heard their voices singing through the forests and over the mountains. They are calling you back home, to the space within your heart the Sanctuary of your Spirit. Together we shall journey through this Spiritual gateway to Renew your Spirit of Passion, Love, Freedom, and Purpose AWAKENing your TRANSFORMative Self. The Self That is Infinite, that which is your everlasting abode. Learn more about our Spiritual Retreat to Whidbey Island, WA.