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Evening of Healing | Sacred Sacral - The Note of D

An Evening of Healing - Sacred Sacral


Journey into the Sacred Sacral with Breath movement, and Sound. This journey will literally unwind you from the inside out. 

The Sacral Chakra holds profound Light, it is a reservoir of Sacred Energy waiting to Spiral through the Body. When your Sacrum and Pelvis are in alignment, your entire Light field will begin to resonate in a harmonic balance that will ripple through all of Life, leading you to discover the Sweetness of Life in every step, and in every breath. 

We will lead you through a synchronized exploration of the Sacral Chakra with yoga and feldenkrais to bring harmony back into the Body, along with sacred sounds of Crystal Bowls and drums.

Cost $20
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Please note: The address will be shared upon booking, or contact me for more details.

HIghlighted Healer.

Terri | Teacher, Healer, Yogini

A teacher and a healer, Terri integrates her life journey as a college professor, Feldenkrais practitioner, and professional musician into experiences that help you reclaim your wholeness and liberate your potential for greatness.

Off the mat, you will find her teaching neuroscience inspired leadership and organization development classes at Pepperdine University and helping individuals and communities thrive as co-founder of The SyncUp Leadership Group.

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education uses mindful movements to improve strength, flexibility, and mind-body integration. Tapping into the intrinsic wisdom of your nervous system, you will sense your whole self with greater clarity. As clarity increases, unnecessary muscular tensions throughout your body can reorganize and release. Come explore and experience new possibilities through the neuromuscular repatterning that happens in an Awareness Through Movement (ATM)  lesson.