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Full Moon Aquarius Gathering: FREEDOM

  • LEAF 2623 Gateway Rd #104 Carlsbad, CA 92009 (map)

Experience the Mysticism of a Full Moon Ceremony and Guided Meditation with Sound Alchemy.

Freedom is what the Great Awakener brings us, Aquarius the Rebel of the Sky holds the Vision of a World of Unity and Liberation!

Celebrate the Full "Blood" Moon Aquarius 4°44' total Lunar Eclipse with us on July 27th.
There are too many wondrous things to say about the Potential Energy waiting to be released within this Aquarius Moon.

Aquarius full moon will be profoundly powerful, especially in setting you FREE, to BREAK FREE from your sub-conscious constraints, and human 3D mindsets.
Each Full Moon Gathering we meet under the Glow of the Moon, moving through healing rituals and invocations re-aliging Heart and Truth with the benevolent Source Light, we end with a deep integration with the Sonic Sounds of Crystal Alchemy. 

Cost is $25 prepay in store/$26 via paypal or $30 cash at the door - Contact LEAF to book (760) 804-3712

Blessed Be!