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Gospel Tea Time - Awaken to the Spirit of Love

Tree of Life teachings - Gospel Tea - Together We Rise

The Spirit of Love Awaits your Divine Heart!

Welcome to Eden - The Garden of Infinite Love.

When we love, we see the infinite in the finite.

Enjoy a mystically blissful excursion through Joyful Transmissions of the untold Gospels of Eden - Where we get to discover the True meaning of Love!

A Divine Love that illuminated mind-body & Heart! Let us drink from Eden’s nectars as She sweetens our Heart to see the Infinite dancing through every aspect of our Lives.

Together, we will explore the art of channeled messages, storytelling, as we sing praise to the Infinite through Crystalline and Tibetan Sound Waves. You will be invited to melt into our Ever-Present Soul Self as, you relax and unwind into the Spirit of Love.


Friday, February 22nd at High Tea Time ~ 4PM
Location: Carlsbad (*details of location upon payment).
Donation: $22 (Pre-pay to book your spot)
*Bring a meditation cushion, yogi blanket, and journal for inspirations.

In our gathering Together, we have multiple highlighted healers, mystics, artists, singers, storytellers, and poets that will be sharing their illuminations with you.

There will be sweet treats by Creative Chef Shanti, and spicy Indian Chai by Chai Girl. Plus, a fresh brew of gospel tea. And, other sweet surprises!