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Live a Full Spectrum Liberated Life - An Evolutionary Chakra Journey!

  • L.E.A.F. 2623 Gateway Road Suite 104 Carlsbad, CA USA (map)

Live a Full Spectrum Liberated Life through this Evolutionary Chakra Journey!

Journey through the seven-sacred chakras to discover harmony, happiness, and liberation in life.

Live a full spectrum liberated life - an evolutionary chakra journey

Having an understanding of each Chakra and how it influences your life, is a gateway to life transformation and freedom.

You will be immersed in ancient and new age teachings of the seven chakras, which will create a guidebook on how to live a liberated life through energetically activating and aligning your Chakras.

Each Chakra reveals the keys to self-liberation, and throughout this exploration, you will discover how to harmonize and heal the mind-body & spirit through the chakras. This immersive journey will teach You how to identify where your energy system may be out of balance, and how that may be affecting your experiences in life, and then how to shift your energy through the use of specific practices and rituals for each of the chakras.

Together, we will discover how colour, crystals, aromatherapy, affirmations, mantras, mudras, meditation, mindset, and somatic practices can enhance life, and realign your chakra system and propel you on this path of liberation.

Join us for a seven-series chakra journey.
Call LEAF to book: (760) 804-3712
Each class is $45
**We invite you to wear the colours associated with each chakra.


1- (Thu) 3/21 - Root (Red)

2- (Thu) 4/18 - Sacral (Orange)

3- (Thu) 5/16 - Solar Plexus (Yellow)

4- (Thu) 6/13 - Heart (Green)

5- (Thu) 7/18 - Throat (Blue)

6- (Thu) 8/15 - Third Eye (Indigo)

7- (Thu) 9/12  - Crown (Violet)

Blessed Be!