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Together | We Rise | The Mystic's Temple - In Joy enJoy Life


July’s theme is "In Joy enJoy Life”

together - volume 13 - enJoy

Life is a passage of learning to be soul-centered, which means living in the Heart. The heart is the gateway to your Highest Truth, your Highest Truth is living your Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose is that which you have chosen to be here, as a reflection of the Divine!

We have journeyed through 12 volumes, each volume purposely channeled so, that You may step more fully into your Whole, Holy Self! We now end this journey with acknowledging the Wisdom and Grace we have gather Togæther, to fully step into the World as the 1-in-100. The game-changers, Lightworkers, Torchbearers and Gate-openers. It is through this journey we have enlightened our minds and hearts to be Soul-centered beings of illumined Light!

Journey with a group of Inspired and Awakened Healers, Togaether, we create a morphic field that supports each Soul that gathers upon this unfolding mystic's journey into the Light. This journey opens the Pathway of Self-Healing, and Self-Discovery illuminating the Power held within.

Join me and a group of amazing healers, mystics, artists, musicians, and discoverers of a New Utopia.

Togaether we gather monthly to raise our vibration and RISE into our Holy Self. Reclaiming our Sovereign right to live life illuminated and enlighted.

We gather virtually, to UNITE our Light and step forward as LightBearers, and Guardians of this New Age.

What will you experience during the virtual experience:
Each month we journey through channeled themes that have a direct confluence with the Cosmology, and Lunar calendar. 
Guided Meditations, Mantra, Energetic Exercises, Mindful and Mindset practices, along with various channeled explorations.

July 9th at 5PM PST
*This is the final of a 13-month life-enhancing journey.

A virtual-experience from the comfort of your home. Further details will be shared upon registration.

Book your Special Spot!
$33 per session
*Ask about pre-paid packages.

 - Spiritual guidance, channeled messages, and powerful meditation practices that awaken and enlighten the mind and heart
- A 60-minute online gathering
- A 30-minute mid-month check-in
- Monthly devotional practices