Shamanic, Quantum, Yoga Healer.

I am an African-born shaman, having studied and practiced many alternative forms of healing. Through my extensive studies and in-depth meditation, I have created a soul-designed form of Spiritual and Esoteric Healing, that works on a quantum level inspiring self-healing. In my years, as a lighterworker and healer I have witnessed miraculous magic and miracles - take a moment to read testimonials from my clients around the world.

When we converge for a Soul Healing session, we meet within the quantum field of Prana and Cosmic Consciousness to invoke mind body spirit transformation, each session I open sacred space to call in your spiritual guides attuning myself to channel forth the guidance for each healing session.

What will you experience:

Energy Attunement
Angelic + Energetic Reiki Healing
Kinesiology and Biofeedback
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Life Alignment
Emotional Freedom
Somatic Therapy
Soul Memory Re-discovery
Past Life Regression and Past Life Healing
Regression Therapy
Creative Visualization for Manifestation
Mind Power and Law of Attraction Tools
Spiritual and Lifestyle Design
Mantra and Sound Therapy
Breath work and Pranayam
Ayurveda and Yoga Practices
Kundalini Activations
Guided Meditations
Vocal Toning and Sound Healing