The Mystical Arts Illuminations.

I am a gift clairvoyant and cognitive though, I love delving in many of the mystical and esoteric arts. Discover illuminating insight into the various sources of my inspiration to create inspired, transformative intuitive and psychic sessions that focus on Spiritual Awakening and Personal Development.


Discover your Path and Purpose through the purest vibration of your Soul. An Akashic Records Reading brings guidance, direction and awareness at a Soul-level so, we can understand ourSpiritual Truth and Soul’s Evolution. The Akasha provides insight into past life experiences, understanding our ancestral lineage, as well as encouraging us to shift our consciousness and inspires healing for our Ascension.

Akashic Records Reading (75)

The Akashic Records provide you with a clear map to life. Through the Akasha you become liberated to confidently navigate life with clarity.

75 minute reading by phone.

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The mysticism of Oracle + Tarot is age old art that provides clear symbolic interpretations. I prefer to read from the perspective of the Soul as, I believe the Soul loves to have conversations with us through various symbology and messages. Tarot cards are the perfect divination tools that can truly illuminate life. I do not focus on predictions or fortune telling but, rather the opening with the veil between you and your Soul. We form a clear cognitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient connection with your Soul to literally have a colourful conversation with your Soul. In the light of your Soul, you will be guided to make empowered decisions supported by your True Will.  


I began consciously channeling in my early 20s, my first conscious channel was of Archangel Michael. Channeling for me, is connecting to Beings of Light that provide prophetic insight and visions that guide us on our path. These days, I do I am able to consciously channel without dipping into a trance state; I have channeled so many various ascended masters and angels that I do not say, I channel just one specific master, teacher or angel. 

Oracle Guidance (75)

Experience the mysticism of the Oracle - a Soul Guidance session that highlights areas of life where your Soul is calling for your attention + awareness.

This session guides you to your personal self-healing and deeper awareness of your Sacred Passage through Life. All sessions vary depending on what each person's Soul calls forward. We tap into the Astral and Akashic Realms to divine your Dharmic path.

Each session is 75 minute by phone.

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These ancient esoteric arts offer much clarification about life, the entire zodiac chart, planets, astrological signs and zodiac houses offer a blueprint to who you are and what you will experience in life. Numerology too, offers even further intelligent transparency to your soul blueprint. I include in most sessions, astrological and numerological insights if it is needed to add that additional layer rhythmic symmetry to life.


Dreams are a curious place to play. Through conversations with the Soul, we can reveal and unveiling the symbology held with the dream space of our subconscious. Within the clear interpretation and translation of dreams we can devise intuitively clear patterns and infinite clarity for spiritual growth.