Reiki Healing

Reiki is the Universal Life Force that flow through all things, it is prevalent in everything. Reiki healing creates a space for true Healing to take place. It is a profound doorway through which we can slip and discover our Whole Self.

Reiki Training

Deciding to take a Reiki course is a big step! It is a profound experience, choosing to open yourself up to be a channel of Light, to help facilitate the Healing of another Being. 

I have studied, Energy Healing for over 25+ years. I have had multiple teachers, from many lineages of Healing. Yet, the one form of Healing that I always find myself using is Reiki. In my Usui Shiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki trainings, I offer all my knowledge and experience from my 25+ year adventure with Energy Medicine. 

Most of my trainings are either one-on-one personalized to the individual or in small, intimate groups. I choose to teach Reiki from a very classical standpoint, and deliver the workshop as, I was first taught by my Reiki Master. 

Through my years of teaching Reiki, I have developed a re-envisioned version of Reiki, that connects us to the higher vibrations of our time. Each Reiki attunement is personalized for each person, to ensure that each person anchors in their unique healing energy and divine design.

Reiki is a way of life, the path of Reiki is here to support the practitioner as he or she moves through the World. 

Please connect with me to discover your Path of Reiki.

I offer various Reiki attunements. I enjoy teaching either one-on-one or small quaint groups, where each student receives an individualized Reiki initiation according to their unique essence. 

In my trainings, I choose to focus on honing each persons unique healing gifts, and encourage each student to step forward as an empowered Healer. 

Reiki Offerings

Join me once a month (last Thursday of each month) for a blissful blend for Reiki and Yoga at the sweet, White Peacock Yoga in Encinitas. See my events page for the next upcoming event.