Astrological Guidance for Blueprint Healing

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Astrological Guidance for Blueprint Healing


Soul-infused Astrological Guidance created to infuse your life with clarity and understanding, so that you may clearly navigate your Path in Life to the full extent of your Personal Power.

We will look at your natal birth chart as, well as the current transiting planets to share guidance on the alchemy of the Cosmos and how it affects you. From that perspective, we can guide you to understand your True, Blueprint nature.

All readings are done via email with an option of a 30-minute counselling session.

Please note, you will receive your astrological guidance via email between 2-5 business days after purchase. 

Please complete the form with your correct birth information, to ensure an accurate reading.

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Astrology readings are provided by the Intuitive, and Soulful Riya she shares with you a wealth of knowledge from the mystical arts.

This dedicated Archer stopped by Neptune on her way to Earth to see what it was about. During her exploration, she found Astrology as a little girl and would peruse the astrology section of the newspaper from time to time for entertainment. One day, Saturn decided to reintroduce himself to her and she has honed this interest for the last ten years. Riya lives in San Diego.