Intuition Development Mentorship Program

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Intuition Development Mentorship Program


A 4-week Program for Intuition Development Mentorship Program - Beginner to Intermediate

This program has been developed for beginners and intermediate students of intuition, each session will be done via phone or zoom. The program offers a specific structure, however it will be adapted for your needs, and be run 100% intuitively.

The Program covers topics, such as:

  • What does it mean to be intuitive?

  • The Power of Intuition

  • Types of Intuitive Awarenesses

  • Quietening the Mind

  • Learning to Listen

  • Tuning in to your Intuition

  • Develop your Intuition

  • Intuition Empowerment

  • Trusting your Intuition

  • Psychic Protection

  • Sacred Space for Intuition Development

  • Development of your Personal Intuitive Senses

  • Being “In the Intuitive Zone”

  • Inner Guidance

  • Higher Self

The program includes, experiential exercises, meditations and assignments. Plus, recordings of each session.

Each week includes a live one-on-one session of approx. 60-75 minutes, as well as email access during the 4-week program to ask relevant questions.

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