Aries Full Moon fills You with Passion and Purpose!

I AM that I AM! 

I feel like Aries Full Moon wants me to shout from the hilltops! “I AM THAT I AM!”

It truly feels as though there is a rebirth of LIFE! Ready to be greeted with much enthusiasm and excited paving a brand new cycle of Life.

However, the process of getting here has been for lack of a better phrase, “Somewhat painful!” and definitely drawn out. Yikes! But, worth every ache and pain! 

Everything that has led to this point in time, has been exceptionally meaningful. I am incredibly grateful, and I hope that you are too. The best way to truly be grateful, is to take time to sit in meaningful reflection and review of the experiences that have passed.

In Passion, I live with Purpose.
In Purpose, I am Passion.
With Passion and Purpose, I am sustained.
— Belinda Pearl

In reflection you will realize, that the process to Rebirth of your new Warrior-Self has been seeped in great tenderness and inner healing. The Pisces Full Moon offered you the opportunity to heal and release these deep wounds. Now with those wounds healed, you can begin to rev your engines and head directly head-first into the Courageous Energy of Aries. This is a time for all hearts and heads to be set to “ready-mode”, so that you can leap forward Bravely into Life and Play!

Aries is literally “rearing to go!”,  racing to leap headfirst out the gate. So, get ready!
There is no time to waste… 
Plans and Intentions… 
Dates and events… are all being planned and created for you to fully launch the True Vision of your Heroic Self. 

With Aries in Fast-Forward-mode pushing past all perceived limitations and leaping beyond the edge, you are invited to switch gears to ready yourself to take a Courageous Leap in life. And, this is going to happen whether you are ready or not!

Yesterday’s Story was about playing it safe within the Shadows of Others; but now Aries invites you to stand forward and proclaim your Rightful Place in this World with the utmost Courage.  

Aries, does not waste time thinking things through, though I wish to offer you a supportive platform that will encourage you to take an even more bolder leap. When we create conscious steps, the platform from which we leap provides more leverage to launch yourself forward.

So, let us get “fired-up!” 

In your preparation of boundless leaping into this next Chapter of Life, let us contemplate the best action steps.

Remember, this rebirth is about realizing the Reason you have incarnated on this Planet! And, We the Earthlings of this Planet have been waiting for you! We are so ready to welcome you into discovering your Purpose.

Under the Luminous Glow of the Aries Full Moon, let us gather together in Ritual. A Ritual that will in all ways initiate you forward upon your Path, and ignite your Passion to fulfill your Purpose.

Gather paper, pen, candle and incense. Light your incense to clear the space. Call forward your entourage of Angels to be with you. Close your eyes, and connect deeply to your Higher Self. Asking your Higher Self to “direct you forward”. Ask your Higher Self, “what are the best steps or actions you need to take right now?” 

Sit in meditation to clarify what feasible steps can you take today. Then, write down the steps, ideally there should be approx. only 2-3 steps. 

Place this Action Plan where you will see it every day. Let this be a reminder for you to take these steps daily, to ensure that you are heroic in your Actions by actively choosing to step into action each day.

Know that when you put effort towards realizing your intentions daily, the Universe gladly steps into assist you. So, if you wish to work with the Law of Attraction effectively, then you actively need to participate in the Process of Attracting.

Aries Full Moon is all about YOU! So, put every effort courageously forward to fulfill your intentions and desires! Step boldly into your Passion with Purpose.

With Infinite Moon LOVE!

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When asked to write a bio - I believe that no words can truly describe one's essence fully. What I share with you here is one simple facet of many, moving variables, essences and dimensions of myself.

My journey started very clearly one day, awakening as a very young child in the early morning hours feeling that I "finally arrived in my body". Ever since then, I have had this strong inner calling that has never waver throughout all my life experiences - to fulfill my higher purpose.

Having grown up across the oceans in Africa - one becomes innately connected and attuned to the energies of the Earth, spiritual realms and healing. My curiosity and intrigued with healing, mind-body-soul, and intuitive work started early in life leading me to naturally pursue studies in multiple healing modalities, mystical arts and metaphysics. I have been blessed to study under various naturally, gifted healers - each one unlocking a very particular essence within me - awakening me to my Soul Purpose in life.  

The flow of life has taught me that everything is "divinely timed", that there is no one way to do anything, and that each of us are entirely unique and precious. It is from this premise that I fulfill my Soul Purpose and Dharma. Where I have been drawn to extend myself as a conduit to help others whom too seek the fulfillment of their Soul’s Mission and yearn to learn the balance of discovering harmony, love, peace, truth and healing in life.

Everyday is a blessing, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose, to learn, share, heal and inspire others.

I believe in taking each moment at a time!

Infinite Love,

Belinda Pearl.