O! Dear One Heed the Aquarian Call! Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is upon you!

It is time to step Regally through the Threshold of infinite Change!

You have been stuck in the closet way too long! Beating at the door to please let you out! However, the time had not yet risen to that perfect Hour, but NOW the door swings wide open to reveal your readiness to create Evolutionary change!

Dear One! The Portal Awaits and the Spaceship has landed! It is time now to Unite with your True Cause!

Empowered by Divine Will, may your Metamorphosis lead you to Freedom and Goodwill, so that you may rise each day to Enlighten every Soul.
— Belinda Pearl

It is no longer useful or even acceptable to live in Another’s Shadow, it only makes you hide your True Value! So step forward now, as you bow gracefully to embracethe Being that you most truly are!

The Sun has risen, and the doorway swings wide open - magnetically drawing you Forward to your Greatest Cause yet! Your heart must be bubbling with untold excitement! As, you hold Visions of a New World!

Remember, as you wander down this purposeful life path - It is not about looking at others, if that means you ignore your Unique Way! Rather know that Aquarius offers the passage of the Rebellious path which in fact, you have always wandered. Know this, the True Spirit of Who you are is about to be received and revealed to the World at large! We have all been waiting for this moment in time!

So, put away all your sadness, dissolve all your pettiness for none of that makes any real sense, it never has, and never will! It is just the Illusion behind which you get lost! 

With the Wind blowing towards you,  open your Gracious Heart as you kneel under the Star lit night, watch the Heavens open up to Anoint your True Spirit! And, to Entice you forward in realizing all your Fullness and Dreams!

You are once, again United with the Cosmic Powers that continue to call you along this adorned passage of life, know that the course you have been so magnetically drawn down has been purposefully profound in all it’s great Lessons; fore each of these lesson have been precursors to this Unfolding Story! A story of Greatness, a Legend waiting to be Born!

The Cosmos has written a purposeful message high within the Stars! Lights are Illumined by the mere thought of you embracing your Purposeful Perfect Presence! Within the Realm of Great possibilities may you rise once more with this Knowing; “you shall always be Divinely led, in Uncovering the immense Beauty that lays deep within!”

Under the Full Moon Aquarius Glow, step under her luminescent Light to Hear the Great Mother call to you; “Sing from your Heart!” She invites you to bid a farewell to your old self, enticing the LionHeart within you to Roar, as you reawaken and are reborn to claim your Passage as a King or Queen!

The Sun in Leo, anoints you with the Golden Glow of his might - so bow gracefully as, these Blessings are bestowed upon you. You know, the time is Right! There is no more time for Fear or Flight!

Take in a deep breath, as Mercury slows his pace as, you ready yourSelf for a reflective time to thank God for your Clarity watching this Wondrous World before you unfold! All you need now, is that mighty Faith in All to absolutely Trust! 

In graceful Gratitude, thank you lucky Stars for the Being’s of Light that continue to Grace your Life, each and every day! Reunited with with your Star Family, celebrate each other with the knowing that each play a vital role in uplifting all of Humanity to Greater heights of Global Awareness. 

And, as the immensity of this prophetic time reaches an accumulation of Light - together, we will bow our hearts to the opening of this Great Portal. Join me in meditation, as we dip through this Cosmic Doorway of the Lion’s Gate!

I bow in Gratitude, and smile from my Heart as I watch you awaken to your Fullest Potential! Know this the World has been awaiting your Perfect Presence.

With Infinite Inter-galactic Love!


When asked to write a bio - I believe that no words can truly describe one's essence fully. What I share with you here is one simple facet of many, moving variables, essences and dimensions of myself.

My journey started very clearly one day, awakening as a very young child in the early morning hours feeling that I "finally arrived in my body". Ever since then, I have had this strong inner calling that has never waver throughout all my life experiences - to fulfill my higher purpose.

Having grown up across the oceans in Africa - one becomes innately connected and attuned to the energies of the Earth, spiritual realms and healing. My curiosity and intrigued with healing, mind-body-soul, and intuitive work started early in life leading me to naturally pursue studies in multiple healing modalities, mystical arts and metaphysics. I have been blessed to study under various naturally, gifted healers - each one unlocking a very particular essence within me - awakening me to my Soul Purpose in life.  

The flow of life has taught me that everything is "divinely timed", that there is no one way to do anything, and that each of us are entirely unique and precious. It is from this premise that I fulfill my Soul Purpose and Dharma. Where I have been drawn to extend myself as a conduit to help others whom too seek the fulfillment of their Soul’s Mission and yearn to learn the balance of discovering harmony, love, peace, truth and healing in life.

Everyday is a blessing, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose, to learn, share, heal and inspire others.

I believe in taking each moment at a time!

Infinite Love,

Belinda Pearl.