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The Akashic Records: Enjoy this Luminous introductory Excursion into the Akasha. 

  • LEAF 2623 Gateway Road Suite 104 Carlsbad, CA (map)

We live in a field of Dreams…. Each dream perfectly and purely casting a ray of light across the Universe. These dreams, these rays of Light are what perfectly and purposely have been creatively created for us from us at a Soul Level to experience the lessons that empower us to Evolve.

Join me for a luminous excursion into and through the Akashic Records on August 29th at 6:30PM located at the delightful metaphysical store, LEAF in Carlsbad.

What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records is basically “The Book of Life”, the Universe’s super-computer that literally stores a dimension of consciousness; of every breath, every step, every experience of every soul. 

The Akashic Records offer us great healing wisdom and compassion, and help guide us in unlocking our Divine origin, so that we can gain valuable insight and perspective into our 3D human experience. 

Our journey will include a brief excursion into the Akashic Atmosphere through meditation and invocation. However, it is imperative to understand that entering the Akasha is a ritual that needs to be performed with the utmost respect and care.

Together, we will learn about the potency of the Akasha, and how it can empower us within our Lives to discover how to overcome karmic influences, uncover past life experiences, highlight ancestral patterns, and embrace soul path healing. We will also touch on how we communicate within the Akashic Realm with our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. 


Join Belinda Pearl, a mystic and intuitive healer with 20+ years of experience in the fields of Esoteric Healing and the Mystical Arts. Belinda discovered her gifts at an early age. Having grown up in Africa, she was deeply influence by the Shamanic healers and teachers who illuminated her path. Belinda has devoted her entire life to walking the Way of the Mystic, she is an Ordained Minister practicing Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counseling through the Akashic Records and the Oracle.