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Mystical Aries “Express Your Will to Be Done!” Full Moon Ceremony + Ritual.

  • LEAF 2623 Gateway Rd #104 Carlsbad, CA 92009 (map)
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Blessed are we that stand at the doorway ready to launch our Soul upon the New Frontier of Life! Together, we will experience the Mysticism of a Full Moon Ceremony and Guided Meditation with Sound Alchemy.

The October Full “Hunters” Moon Ceremony and Ritual is offered to Aries. Brace yourself! As, we rush forward to realize our True Nature in the World! We have been birthed to Create Conscious Change upon this Planet. Let us Unite for a Purposeful and Passionate sojourn into our Consciousness where we will purposely direct our attention towards Powerfully Manifest our True Will in this World. 

Let us Gather Passion in our Heart to Create + Manifest our Heart’s Desires.
— Belinda Pearl

United as One, we are the Change we wish to see in the World - in our Full Moon ceremony we will meditate upon our Purpose, our Passion and our Presence to walk forward into the World as Warrior’s of Light.

Each month we will gather to UNITE and CONNECT our Energy with the Mystical Goddess of the Moon, dipping into deep meditation to access her Grace within the Moonlight.

Infinite Moon Blessings,

PS.  I love the power of Sound, sound truly has a powerful impact on mind, body and Soul. Checkout this great article on Holosync and brain entrainment.