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Full Moon Virgo Ceremony + Ritual: Render YourSelf aNew!

  • LEAF 2623 Gateway Rd #104 Carlsbad, CA 92009 (map)

Experience the Mysticism of a Full Moon Ceremony and Guided Meditation with Sound Alchemy.

Full Moon Virgo Ceremony + Ritual

The Full Moon Virgo marks the moment for your Heart opens up to a wave of new life; March is the month that welcomes in the Spring Equinox, a powerful time for Rebirth. The Virgo Full moon prepares you upon your path to the doorway of Rebirth of your Sovereign Self, it is a time to rise and awaken to the medicine within YOU.

The March full moon is donned the Worm Moon as it is a time where the iced soils begin to soften and Earth herself begins to reveal her own rebirth. In Sacred ceremony, we will connect to the magic within the Earth and the Moon, where together we shall move through this powerful portal of transformation to reclaim our Truth that lives within our very heart.

Let us gather in a Sacred Circle, to cast away the cobwebs of the winter cycle, and begin to renew our faith in the New World that is unfolding before us.

Our full moon gathering, Unites us in Heart, Empowers us in Spirit, and Summons the Rebirth our True Sovereign Nature. Together, we will flow through guided meditations, channeled transmissions and alchemical sound vibrations guided by the Mystical energies of the Moon; for she is the Creatix who initiates us through ritual and ceremony. 

Cost is $25 prepay in store/$26 via paypal or $30 at the door - Contact LEAF to book (760) 804-3712

Blessed Be!