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An Evening of Healing | Temple of Light - Fall into Love!

Temple of Light - An Evening of Healing

Fall into Love through the doorways of the Temple of Light. Saturate yourself in a Cosmic Pool of Love, as you journey with me in an Evening of Healing.

Enjoy a blend of Celestial Light Healing, Reiki, meditation, restorative yoga, and crystal sound healing.

Cost $20
Book your spot today! 
Please note: The address will be shared upon booking, or contact me for more details.

We are all interwoven beings, beautiful strands of Love dancing along the vibrations of the Cosmic Web. Each and all of us is connected… in an interwoven web of life… our thoughts, actions and voices create exponential ripples that affect all. When we connect to the greater “woven’ness” of all that Is…. We discover the potential pulse of all of life!