New Moon Sagittarius Inspiring Us to Greater Heights!

And so, we are pleasantly presented with the Brilliance of the Sagittarius New Moon. The Moon hiding in the Shadows is a clue to what is in need right now before we move truly into the Light of the New Cycle.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.
— Paulo Coelho

Sagittarius truly inspires us to look broad and bright, with the archers arrow pointed directly toward your Aspirations we can take a big sigh of relief! The bombardment is almost over, yet we still have some significant work to do! That being the journey through the last shadows that truly bog us down. The passage towards the Light encourages us to lighten our load, through lightening up (literally!) we are then able to navigate the passages before us with far more Grace and Joy! However, when we stubbornly hold onto the old, we are constantly reminded of our past and our in-abilitiy to let go! The Archer is here to encourage you to higher feats of possibilities, so you may see the doorways swinging wide open.

The inspiration of the Archer is to Envision and Believe in the infinite possibilities you are capable of attaining your Self! And now, even more so as we open the doorway to a new Reality!

The real question is are you willing to let go and lighten up so that you can move effortlessly and easily with Grace through your life? Remember, no one is the Victim here you Soulfully choose this passage in Life and, so it is your choosing to reach beyond the Stars or stay where you are!

The Focus in now on Truth - What is True for you? This is highly imperative to discern what is True for you, so you have the tools in which to move and GROW forward.

Astrologically speaking today offers a powerhouse of potent energy, from looking deep within our relationships and commitments, to old karmic patterns coming to the forefront to deliberately draw our attention towards their healing, to our own delusions about our life and reality (time to shine up those rose-tinged glasses through which you are viewing life), a coercive force to evict our past addictions for a new compelling future, plus a deeper attunement to Cosmic Healing as we begin the broadening aspect of our Evolution especially through the landscapes of our finances, values and self-worth.

Even though the Moon is dark in the Sky, that in itself is the key! Dig deep into the shadows of your old patterns and wounds that still continue to plague you. Seek out those bits and pieces you have tried to hide away and pretend no longer exist! It is imperative that you say, now is the time! I am ready to lighten my load, as I jump upon the Centaur to ride towards my Evolving Destiny of Choice!

Sagittarius is constantly inspiring us to seek greater heights, now is the time to commit to your passage forward! Create a creativity transformative Spiritual Practice to expand your Horizons within and without! The journey that you take yourSelf on can be shared with many, it is through your own inner sanctum of Peace that you will be empowered to share that Peace with all that you commune with! Sagittarius is not afraid to be bold, nor speak the Truth so from this place of empowered Honour, Truth and Integrity you are encouraged to stand strong as you draw your Arrow pointing it towards your Inspirations and Aspirations. As, that Arrow blasts off completely focused upon it’s Target so are you! Readied for a new adventure as, the World around your unfolds and evolves!

If you are ready to step into your newness let us journey through your Akashic Records in an Akashic Records Reading, we will discover your Soul Truth aspirations. 

Much Love!