Standing Still. Reflecting Mercury’s Restrograde!

O' Beloved One,
The days wear thin.
Darkness moves in on your Soul,
The cold chills in you to your bones...
Yet life moves beyond the fastest space,
Where breath escapes you
And you try cling on to those last morsels of sanity.

When we have peace in our hearts and minds, we draw peace into our lives.
— Iyanla Vanzant

It is here in the phase of review + reflection,
We are beckoned by the giants in the Sky to take this day to stand still in this precise moment, fore the depth of reflection will take us deeper and deeper into reviewing these past 12 months of life lived where we are forced down the rabbit hole of inevitable changes!

This is the moment in which we are invited to stand perfectly still,
Quiet as a daffodil full of fluffy seeds before the winters breeze catches each seed to take them away to their perfect places in space.....
And here we go...
Into our Stillness,
Less of a merry go round,
And more like that wintery leaf floating atop the frozen lakes....

In the depths of your reflection,
A face appears...
From times gone by,
Where you are able to peer deeply within your own precious eyes,
Seeing broadly the grand life you've lived...
In your reflections see your Brilliance,
Know no matter what has surpassed you, you have Won!
All has been perfectly aligned...
And you are well on your way
As long as you breathe...
And see each morsel,
Each seed
As a mechanism for your internal+ outer growth...

Now is the time to stand perfectly still in your own Perfection....
Knowing a gateway awaits
For you to leap on through with a mind set to neutral,
And a focus set to infinite possibilities!

Today, like the Giant in the Sky..
Stand still,
Know that in reflection
All will become

Wait for the perfect breeze within, that will gently nudge you forward towards that perfectly timed new moment.

When mercury stands still it truly is a time to surrender…. Today, I give over fully and gracefully…. as, I know this is the time that when all goes array… I need to refocus my attentions to the Divine!

Absolute Love!

PS. Meditation is always a great way to instill peace of mind.