CAPRICORN NEW MOON Magic...... with Precise Directions!

Capricorn, Father of the Sky is always stern in his teachings.... he has provided exact directions on how to enter the New Year.

Basically, if you follow these direct directions you cannot go wrong. But, you have to follow them to the "T"!

It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.
— Paulo Coelho

We've been bombarded by 2016 with all sorts of experiences that have literally for some of us, ripped away at those old bandaids that have been long needing a change. It is from this perspective that we now know, that we can no longer go on anymore with our olden, ingrained patterns of yester-year. This has all been purposeful no matter how painful.

The time is upon us, and the new moon offers us this grand opportunity to truly be clear. What is it you wish to take with you into the New Year?

Capricorn offers us the perspective of "this is how you do it!" With his natural instincts to put everything into an ordered, structured, foundational directive — the choice here is truly yours if you wish to go into the New Year with clarity and direction.

Since, we are well placed within the intense period of Mercury's Retrograde this offers us the perfect placement to take this step back for a moment, so we can go inwards to get our thoughts into perspective while we sort through our emotions and feelings, this way we can clear on what it is that we truly want to create and move into in this coming new year.

Plus, Saturn ruler of Capricorn is Square to Chiron which asks us to look at our old woundings, so we can truly let go. This time is truly aligning for us, to lift up the old rugs and sweep out the dust-bunnies and old cobwebs. We do not have to lug these old wounds into our future plans anymore! The Cosmos is being generous in ensuring that we FREE ourself from the old for Now and Always! What a Blessing to be had!

So the basic idea here, or maybe it is truly not basic it is about getting your ducks in the row... think about what if you were about to embark on a new career. What do you need to get your self ready for?  This career "perspective", new life shift requires some diligence in order to understand how to truly start off this next year with the right foot in the door. So, truly take a step back don't rush into hasty decisions of any kind. Thoroughly explore what you wish to do, get out your pen and paper ascertain what it is you willing to do, in order to create the perfect new year.

This is a brand new cycle, it is truly like stepping yourSelf up a notch. We can take these directions from this Fatherly figure in the Sky, that in order to make the right decisions we need to be clear on our own inner directives. There is no time for sloppy work, align with your inner perfection (not perfectionist - perfection, your Divinity) in order to be absolutely clear on what it is you wish to do.

All of this is so perfectly timed with the opening of this new portal on December 31st where some of us, that are already on this journey of Self-realization and awakening can literally hop on the gravy train to up our ante and octaves while all are celebrating the new year. This is truly a time of Celebration and Reverence of Self and the Awakening World around us! Now is your Time to Honour YOURSELF holy and fully!

See yourSelf through a new perspective, that you have been giving the gift of setting the trails ahead wherever they shall take you, the only side note here is no matter what do not “try control”, do not hold so tightly on to the picture ahead, open your heart and be completely flexible with the tides as they wade in and out! This is key! Non-attachment will save your heart, and set you free! 

I offer astrology insights during my intuitive readings and healing sessions, that can guide you to truly set yourself free.

With Absolute Cosmic Love!