Happy New "Super" Moon Taurus: A Time to Find your Feet.

This love is actually part of you; it is always flowing through you. It’s like the subatomic texture of the universe, the dark matter that connects everything. When you tune in to that flow, you will feel it in your own heart—not your physical heart or your emotional heart, but your spiritual heart, the place you point to in your chest when you say, “I am.”
— Ram Dass

Happy New “Super” Moon Taurus, an excellent time to discover your beautiful feet firmly planted in the soils of this Earth.

A great time to sit back into your recliner and breathe deeply connected to all the beauty that surrounds you. You are the Emperor or Empress - You are Venus in all her seductiveness, you are the embodiment of all the shining jewels you could ever imagine.

Taurus new moon, invites you to seed from your heart all your greatest desires, all the luxurious dreams you can dream up! Now is your time to think “What do I wish for…?” “What do I want in my life?” “How can I make my life more comfortable?” Yes… dream in the comforts of your life!

Lay back into your fancy chaise lounge, tuck an adorned pillow behind your head… smile to yourself and take this time to set forth into the Universe your desires… As, you lay back know that all of your wishes will be granted - so, wish from your Spiritual Heart all that will bring you into beautiful balance within your self.

Since, our lovely fiery Mars is in retrograde - we can heed to his pace and be patient. Rome was not built in a day… so, know all will come to you but, directed with Divine Timing. 

Now take this sweet moment to close your eyes and meditate upon your body, your feet - feel yourself grounded and connected to our Mother Earth. Feel your Oneness with this realm and allow yourself to pleasantly drift off into a space of absolute relaxation.

Be Grounded.
Be Here Now!
Be in the Moment!
Living in our modern world, 
We forget about our feet on the Earth.
To be fully embodied,
We need to feel our Body.
Our wholesome Beauty.
Be free from distraction,
Be free from all that drives you to be not yourself.
Slow down,
Breathe more.
Be Here.
Be Present.
Be in LOVE with the LIFE you have!

Love Always from Heaven + Above.
As Above, So Below.
As Within, And so Without.

Infinite Love,

PS. Yoga is always a great way to find your feet, join me for practice either Monday's at 7PM or Thursday's at 7:15PM in Encinitas, CA at White Peacock Yoga.