Intuitions… and Evolutions!

The grand landscape of life….
Clearly laid out upon the Ethereal Planes of this Insightful Sense.
Leading you to where you wish to go.
Showing you the ways in which you can flow.
A force of reckoning..
An inner brilliance,
Brought to life by the Clarity of the Heart,
And the Stillness of the Mind.

This sweet plane of intuition is the doorway and key
to truly knowing the Self.
The Evolution of the Being,
The Connection to the Soul.

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ― Dean Koontz

Join me for a night of Soul Connection through a channel-guided experience dipping you deep into the Cosmos of your own Being! July 29th at White Peacock Yoga in Encinitas. For an evening of guided meditation and sacred breathwork as we delve into the realm of Soul Connection. See my event page for more details.

When. Friday, July 29th 2016 7:15pm
Where. White peacock yoga
Exchange. $25 prepaid, $30 day of
[% of proceeds will be donated]

Infinite Love,