8:8 Time for the Lion's Gate

8:8 it's not to late to slip through the Lion's Gate and into the depths of your Divine Heart.

There is a new frequency of Light shining forth upon the Planet today, marking a pinnacle point where we are offered the opportunity to step fully into a new miraculous energy of Love. Where we can fully + harmoniously align the wisdom of the heart, mind + Spirit.

As this new dynamic doorway opens with the alignment with the Central Sun, the paradigm shifts where the Light Shines brightly upon your Pureness.

Embark upon the journey of Love.
It takes you from yourself ... to you!
— Rumi

Imagine yourself standing in front of the Cosmic Mirror, where you are being asked to elevate your frequency by empowering your heart + mind to new levels of cosmic awareness. As, you witness yourself before this Cosmic Mirror you will see yourself enveloped in a Rainbow Light of new crystalline frequencies + light codes literally shifting your physical form from a lower density to a higher vibration. You too have this opportunity to turn your awareness into Light Force + lift your vibration to higher + higher forms of Light.

We are all clearly on this pathway of clear ascension, reaching for new heights of awareness + alignment with our Truth not just our individual truth, but the truth that binds us all together. Together we have a cosmic mission, encouraged by the Divine to step into a new phase of our ascension growth. Where we can fully honour this state of True Oneness amongst all + fully acknowledging too that we are One with the Divine.

Our Focus is to stay attentive to the the Stepping Stones of Grace that unfold before us, where we can boldly step into a new state of life through the spectrum of our heart, Confidently surging forward into the Lightness of Love. A Love that simply awaits for us to fully engage in the authentic nature of our True Being’ness!

So, take this moment to reflect and review…. Ask yourself what is the next step you can take that will not only uplift you, but will also uplift humanity as a Whole! Then, take that seed deep into your heart as you begin to Nourish it with the Light of True Divine Love! Envision light streaming through all of your being, pouring in fully illuminating your own Brilliance… As, you Illuminate into your Fullness.. that Light will shed light all around you enveloping those near and far! The power of Divine Light knows no end + never discriminates - it is a light source that sees us all as equal no matter what. It can be envisioned as a light summers rain that slowly begins refreshing mind, body, heart + Spirit, filling us up with a spectrum of pure rainbow-like light with a sweet scent of Love that fills the air sharing with us an effervescence of True Divine Will.

During the Lion's Gate, we want to dip into the new light waves.- this is my favorite time for meditation and group guided meditations allowing us to tap into the new codes that are beaming down upon us.

Infinite Love,