A World of Change, Aquarius Full Moon!

And, with a big breath and an ever bigger Amen! It is time to skip and dance with the Sun Sweetly Nestled in the Consciousness of Leo’s bright Light, the Spotlight shines perfectly upon you as the Moon glistens gloriously in the Evening Skies.

What a welcomed Moon, Aquarius the Great Awakener, views life through the lens of the “Big Picture”, seeing not me but, WE with this knowingness that WE together can CREATE anything WE put our heads toward. Aquarius reminds us that WE are the visionaries of this World, and with the absolute freedom of mind WE can begin to set forth upon a path of eccentricity to begin creating a new path of true illumination. Now, with this Great Awakener on our side, and a freshly-opened heart we can heed this call of change that has been looming within us and around us for so long!

Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.
— Emily Dickinson

Today, like no other… We can begin the process of wiping away the many cobwebs we have gathered along the way. It is time to break out the celebrations with the illuminating moon unveiling the power of our True, Unique Strength with all we have endured over the past months and year! All is now perfectly aligned for us to break free from our "very" old and engrained patterns that have been lingering with us along the way.

This year's theme has been about ending cycles and breaking free from the past, and surely this year has put in it's absolute best try to un-wrangle us from all the clinging pains and patterns. Yet some of us are still heavily attached to the past, and/or what "seems safe" even though the Cosmos has been cleverly unleashing us from these past anchors!

This year has undoubtedly left us feeling a bit tender and sensitive, but that is ok! When old wounds heal, the body miraculously makes us stronger in those areas where we were once weak! Which is a great analogy of how we can apply this Cosmic-given gift of unwrenching from the past. This Moon sets the perfect stage for a dramatic ending to all this pain or should I say for “Lessons well learned!”

The Moon shines her brilliance upon the next wave of light about to enter into your plane of existence, break out the bubbly for there is a slew of creative insights flooding your way, as new doors begin to swing open for you to explore!

The Moon wraps up all the loose ends, so you may truly step out of one way of being and into new unique opportunities of your own creating. With every ending of a cycle, and an eclipsing of energies it is always a good time to step back for a moment to evaluate how well you have done and how far you have come! Truly it is time for a big pat on the back! Hopefully you allow yourself the time to see that.

There is a Portal of Love just waiting for you to leap through, so take a moment before you leap to clearly think through what energies you wish to bring with you? Ask yourself "What am I ready to move into?"

A golden bridge awaits you no matter what. Take this moment to sit in silence within the light of the Moon - allow your own inner wisdom and sweet intuitions to give you insight. Your moon meditation will reveal an ocean of deeper knowing.

The powerful Light of the Moon will rekindle the flame within your heart, setting you free to be completely open to the visionary guidance that the Universe has been shedding upon you. Hear the beat deep in your heart, you will know the way of your path and your way to BE. So, be in love with your Unique essence that you share with the World, and the that which the World shares with you!

Stay grounded through this powerful moon, feet neatly planted into the Earthly soils - there will be a ton of energy dancing through the Ethereal Chambers so, do not get caught up in anyone else’s dramas. Know this is your grand opportunity to step from the past into your clearly defined future. Step forward as a game changer anointing the path ahead for many more to follow!

Aquarius offers those who are awake many grand insights into being uniquely different to create their own path verse following the beaten path. So, go out and claim your truth - be different, be the visionary, be the rebel… for YOU are the one that will forge new arenas for many others to dip into at their own given time!

On a side note to this Aquarius Full moon, there are murmurings that this Moon should have an Eclipsing-energy to it, as the shadow will slightly touch the very edge of the moon. Again, this points to the very important fact that we should take this moment to truly release all the past pains and patterns. Leverage the moon energies to your fullest advantage - end what needs to end, that way when Mercury Retrograde greets us at the end of the month you will be ready for a period of reflection and review with a mind set towards complete newness and opportunity.

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Blessings of Love + Sweet Light,