May the Force Be with YOU! New “Black” Moon Libra!

This auspicious New Moon Libra ushers in a wave of positive opportunity with plenty of epiphanies and even more so, miracles to go around! Literally you can say, “The Force is with you!” as, there is a magnitude of planetary sweetness helping you to bring your dreams and wishes into clear manifestation.

The New Moon Libra is conjunct Jupiter who is now too residing in Libra. This double Libra energy blends the streams of mind and expansive thought into a potent stream of consciousness highlighting the realm of relationships and balance. How can we better improve our inner and outer relationships?

It is love alone that leads to right action. What brings order in the world is to love and let love do what it will.
— Krishnamurti

This moon depending on your hemisphere, will fall either twice in September (west) or October (east) – either way this is what we call a Black Moon, which is a very rare occurrence and auspicious no matter what when two new moons fall in a month.

A black moon amplifies an ultra feminine energy, bringing forth a time for great awareness, awakenings and clarity. New moon’s offer a powerful opportunity for releasing and letting go, allowing us dip deeper into the realm of the subconscious mind.

With this darkened moon energy, let us plant a seed of intention utilizing these potent moon energies to powerfully fertilize all that you have been praying for. Libra’s energy will further amplify your intentions leading the way to enhanced balance and harmony in all arenas of relationships and unions. Offering an enjoyable playground in togetherness for growth and expansion within a safe space.

The Sun conjunct Jupiter opens the portal for an opportunity to dive even further into your personal and spiritual evolution invoking feelings of luck, optimism and happiness. Coupled with the New Moon in Libra your intention will be amplified further to begin new studies offering perfect opportunity for growth and success.

Further more, Mars in Capricorn trines retrograde Ceres in Taurus offering a perfect opportunity to channel your Warrior energy into the space of care and nurturing for Self and others. You are invited to take the right action of anchoring down these nurturing qualities again, drawing a higher perspective into the relationships we hold with our Self and others.

This New Moon is an offering of peace and joy after all these past Eclipsing Moon energies we’ve endured, the opportunity offers great timing for rituals as, the Gods and Goddesses of Luck are on your side. To truly leverage this Black Moon energy, be clear with your intention, keep your heart open and peel back the blinds - it is time to see where you wish to go, and how far are you wiling to put yourself into the Force of Life by plunging fully into that you wish to create!

Under the forces of the Black New Moon, it is powerful to draw out the tarot cards to discover the ancient wisdom within which will be inevitably revealed through a tarot reading.