An Astrological Insight into the Dark Nights at Home!


What happens when the Ruler of the Underworld meets the Goddess of Home and the Feminine?

When reaching deeply into ourselves, we become pregnant with possibility. Some of us go through a dark night of the Soul, where all seems to be too harsh to bear. Collectively, the Earth's Northern Hemisphere is now in the "dark night of the Soul" time of year. But if we are kind to ourselves, and observe the process without succumbing to it, we allow potent masculine energy to meet with latent feminine energy. The result is similar to Isisʼ recollection of Osiris. Then, a new year, a new dawn and understanding -- the Enlightenment!

The last decan or 10 degrees of Scorpio is ruled by Cancer as well. As we take Her cue and "get our house in order", we use that cardinal energy to close the veil and take inventory of what was accomplished during this year. "Complete completion" is emphasized at this time. We should examine what brought us thus far. Are we content? Nourished? Sad? Were there things that we could have done better? Scorpio will be closing with a new moon in Cancer, and this is a great time to think about our history: where did we come from?

What nostalgia makes us feel safe and secure? 

Even if you are not in the place you expected, this is a great opportunity to allow Soul to do its magic and effect change in our lives.

This is also a perfect time to pull out photos from childhood. This moon cycle will be perfect to create a sensual environment of caring for those whom you truly feel an affinity. Love your rich HolyDay treats, but don't overindulge! Women, do not forget to get your mammogram if you havenʼt done so already. Men, please get your prostate checked.

Ease out of this fixed energy by boldly stating your needs and boundaries in a clear manner.
— Riya

Emotions are unpredictable and running high during this period, with a T-square between Uranus, Pluto, Mars conjunct Moon. Ease out of this fixed energy by boldly stating your needs and boundaries in a clear manner. Donʼt forget to ground and center yourself through breathing exercises and meditation. You may feel like certain individuals are suddenly shoving their ideas down your throat. If you need more time to yourself, please take it! Your "planetary body" will only be mirroring what is occurring amongst the heavens with outside planetary bodies. This will be important as Neptune is squaring Mercury right now, so use that energy -- write, find a new therapist, daydream, journal, chat it up with others. You may be surprised at what manifests. 

And of course, colorful scented baths with sea or Epsom salts and flowers or essential oils will draw pain and toxins out of the body. Not all inner work has to be hard!

The beautiful thing is this cycle will not need any pomp and circumstance, as both Scorpio and Cancer are quite intuitive. This is a time that should be spent feeling more than doing or talking. There will be plenty of time for that in our Sagittarius cycle!

Some personal journal themes can explore the unconscious scripts that we have concerning honesty, planning, what feels like home for us, what makes us feel comfortable in our environment at all times, and what we can do to create Soulful satiety in others. Take care to release all that is not relevant or helpful to your growth and not conducive to building or maintaining healthy relationships.

We are what we speak, so use the Sagittarian Mercury to proclaim your good, your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, and to travel, even if it is in your mind and heart


This dedicated Archer stopped by Neptune on her way to Earth to see what it was about. During her exploration, she found Astrology as a little girl and would peruse the astrology section of the newspaper from time to time for entertainment. One day, Saturn decided to reintroduce himself to her and she has honed this interest for the last ten years. Riya lives in San Diego.