What is Intention?

Intention! For me, this Word holds a great amount of meaning and energy, my definition for intention is truly about “that which you hold dear to your heart!”

In the dictionary Intention can be defined as, “a thing intended, an aim or plan”; in medicine, “a healing process of a wound”.

When we look at the word: Intention, it truly is about something we intend to do with purpose. An intention is a mental state representing our aim or commitment to take very specific actions whether personal or for a specific project. 

At the start of teaching Yoga class, I always invite the students to take a short meditation or moment to become clear in their mind and heart so, that they can set an intention for their practice. This space of clarity gives them the permission to be truly clear with them self, and with what they are asking for or wishing to create in their lives.

Personally, I work with the power of intention on a daily basis as, I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. I choose to set an intention everyday, this becomes part of my ritual and daily meditation. I generally ask the Universe (if you will), to give me an intention - this way I know it is not my ego or lower mind via’ing for attention but, rather my higher self gifting me an energetic vibration with which to infuse my day.

Most times, the intention is simple, I receive generally one or two words, and then I use that word to infuse the essence of that intention into my day. This helps to set the energy for the day, and becomes my focus for the day before I get whisked away by busyness. 

An example of my daily intention ritual; today before I flickered my eyes open, I asked Spirit to give me my intention. The word “Peace” sprang to my mind. Because I was still in that restful state of awakening, I allowed myself to surrender into the feeling of what “Peace” truly means to me. Then, I began to infuse my thoughts with this word by creating various affirmations and sentences that invoke the essence of Peace. Such as, “I am peace. Peace flows through my day effortlessly. All I see in the World is Peace. Every person I meet is filled with Peace.”

For me, this is a powerful mind power tool that I can come back to at anytime during the day. When things during the day take me out of my “intention”, I recall that waking moment in the morning. Where I remember, the word - the intention. And, literally energetically reset myself back into peace, back into that vibration.

In the Yoga tradition, the word Sankalpa is the equivalent to creating an intention. Sankalpa, is an idea or notion that one forms in the heart and sends to the Universe. Sankalpa is the true beginning of all creation, it is pure consciousness that begins to evolve from this notion that we have the power to manifest something from desire into realization. 

You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.
— Upanishads

Within all of us, we hold the power to create through pure divine will. We have the ability to send an arrow of intention into the great Universe, with the knowing and trust that which we are focusing our heart on to create, can and will be made manifest. This is the strength each of us hold within. 

It is my intention, that all discover true empowerment though the power of mindful intention. Remember, when we choose to set an intention it is not based on materialism it is based on a feeling, an internal experience that we wish to make manifest within our lives. It is about finding enlightenment through our desires, and knowing that when we use intention in the “right manner” (being a manner that is for our highest good, and the highest good of all connected to us) that all that we are desiring to create, is for the overall good for all. 

We live in a World, where there is so much pain and suffering and so, if we can all use our intentions to bring healing to our Self and to this Planet just imagine what type of World we could All create! A World, where each of us awaken with the intention to spread love, experience peace, and know faith! 

From my heart to yours! Let each of us be inspired to awaken with an intention of true, Divine Love! May we all enlighten the World around us, with our beautiful heartfelt, Soul Inspired Intentions.

Blessings to All.

May Peace forever resides within your Heart.
Love Always,