Moon time Magic! Full Moon in Virgo! Sets you straight!

Virgo offers us a Warrior-like energy, with her list of let’s get this stuff done! So, we can all start stepping fully into our Service. 

To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.
— Pearl S. Buck

So, here we go. It is time for you to choose Independence as, your step forward on your path of Creation. Spring is literally knocking on the door, and the blossoms are already blooming all around us, already pointing their beautiful petals towards that which we have already set into motion. 

With the blooms about to Blossom - Virgo, is offers to you the platform to leap forward into your Creation. 

So, gather your strength, courage and willpower - list out all the things that you wish to accomplish and all that you need, in order to get yourself set in motion. You already know what it is you want, so step up and step forward to claim your birthright. 

Know that all that you bring forward now, is in perfect alignment for your own self-healing, you have gathered all the necessary tools and you have been given the skills that will bring you into your fullest bloom now! 

You can literally, step up upon the glowing platform that the Moon Energy is offering; plan out clearly that which you are wanting to create, it is time to get yourself ready for that explosion of colour that is literally bursting at the seams to be unleashed upon those rolling hills of harmony!

Today, is a great day for a moon bath ritual. Fill your bath with warm waters, some clean salt and a few drops of your favourite aromatic essential oil. Light a candle, and allow all that you no longer need fill the bath water… allow the water to drain completely before you get out! Swoosh goes all your woes, perfectly down the drain! 

Moon-time Blessings,