I humbly confess....

I humbly confess....

As is your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.
— The Upanishads

I have an incredible ability to manifest.... this has come through trial and error, through process and progress... coupled with huge amounts of trust and faith!

Even though trust and faith have at times dwindled and waned to points of tears and frustration....

My ability to endure... has been my saving grace!

Foresight and insight too has been my humble and loyal companion... I have lived and endured many stories... I have rose and fallen multiple times! Yet, these two have been at my side to show me my way through!

The one thing I put my absolute Knowing in when it comes to Creation is humility... as that is the one thing if you loose during any process or progress the Universe will most definitely in a swift and quick manner remind you of your place in the greatness of All That Is!

Walking with Grace has been my reminder to keep it all simple... even when I bump my head (and that has been a few times for sure!) I come back to the Holiness of Grace! 

In actualizing my life, I have been reminded that I walk the path of the Mystic... yet, what does that mean? Truly nothing unless you embody humility as all great Mystics were never egoistical, never threw them self above others.... they humbly committed to a path of serving others. And, so... I am

Here to serve the great good of All humanity! My passion and path is to embody my Soul Truth which is a teacher of love..  I put us all on the same level, I see us all as equals! In being gifted many gifts... of awareness, and healing.... I share these with all... no matter which playground you play upon! I choose to love you all unconditionally like never before!

I hope that you too can see the Mystic, healer and gift of Awareness within you!

Join me this Wednesday, May 10th at 9AM PST / 12PM EST for a Facebook LIVE meditation for the Scorpio Full Moon, we will dip into the Creative Energies of the Full Moon to step boldly forward into our Creations! Each step is a window that will draw you closer to that which you wish to manifest! Read the blog, I wrote for Tiny Devotions and their beautiful Mala, Goddess of Strength. The blog is title “She Believed….. so she did!” Where I share some tips on the creation process!

With Love and Infinite Blessings, 

B x


When asked to write a bio - I believe that no words can truly describe one's essence fully. What I share with you here is one simple facet of many, moving variables, essences and dimensions of myself.

My journey started very clearly one day, awakening as a very young child in the early morning hours feeling that I "finally arrived in my body". Ever since then, I have had this strong inner calling that has never waver throughout all my life experiences - to fulfill my higher purpose.

Having grown up across the oceans in Africa - one becomes innately connected and attuned to the energies of the Earth, spiritual realms and healing. My curiosity and intrigued with healing, mind-body-soul, and intuitive work started early in life leading me to naturally pursue studies in multiple healing modalities, mystical arts and metaphysics. I have been blessed to study under various naturally, gifted healers - each one unlocking a very particular essence within me - awakening me to my Soul Purpose in life.  

The flow of life has taught me that everything is "divinely timed", that there is no one way to do anything, and that each of us are entirely unique and precious. It is from this premise that I fulfill my Soul Purpose and Dharma. Where I have been drawn to extend myself as a conduit to help others whom too seek the fulfillment of their Soul’s Mission and yearn to learn the balance of discovering harmony, love, peace, truth and healing in life.

Everyday is a blessing, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose, to learn, share, heal and inspire others.

I believe in taking each moment at a time!

Infinite Love,

Belinda Pearl.