Transformation is Under Way! Full Moon 20° Scorpio!

You are a Goddess of Strength, strengthened by the Full Moon Light! If you believe in yourself, then All is possible! 

Just look at the Sky…. The Goddess shines so Bright! She is here to remind YOU… that you are a Magical Miracle! You have done so well, in navigating the Wavy Ocean Waves. Now, you can stand in the Space of your Exalted Self! 

The Great Goddess honours you, as you have truly been courageous. She encourages you to continue putting the right foot forward, it is time to take your turn in life by truly stepping into your fully Empowered Self.

They say faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the whole staircase. Actually, wisdom is seeing the elevator behind it that would have taken you to the top floor.
— Shannon L. Alder

The Scorpio Full Moon is your reward for all the hard work you have endured, and now the transformation has taken effect. Feel this powerful shift happening just for you, and within you! See the opportunities lining up and knocking at YOUR door! 

So, together let us claim our Power by choosing to set the right mindset for ourSelf as, we look across the clear Oceans pinpointing that which is so rightly created for our True Self. Remember, you are the Powerhouse of your World! Choose the right thought patterns, for that will support you as, you create the perfect projects you wish to create in your reality.

For a moment, close your eyes…. And project into the Great Cosmos your wish. See it as clear as day…. And like a dandelion with a thousand seeds, as you exhale your next breath see each seed floating off into the Universe ready to create just for you that which is in your highest interest! And, know if your heart that your wish shall be so… so perfectly right for you!

In this process of creation we must have absolute trust, coupled with the understanding that all that we set off to create will be in perfect harmony for our highest self. So, let go of what it may look like and embrace the potential of infinite possibilities! 

Standing under the glow of the Full Moon tonight, see yourself as this Exalted Being. Worthy of all that is right for you, and being in absolute gratitude with all you have already in your life. It is in the grace of gratitude that we get to claim more of that which is rightly for us. 

And, too… remember this! As, we live wholly embodied in this Lifetime… that no journey is a journey that will ever be taken alone. That in every step that you take, you are supported by a host of Angels and Guides - each one here lovingly excited to support you on this journey. So, each day take a moment to connect to your host of Angels and Guides, thank them for their assistance and ask them to step forward each day to empower you upon your path of self-evolution. 

Under the influence of this full moon which is sextiled by Pluto, there will be some probings to understand our relationships. So, watch your interactions with great clarity, some relationships will evolve and others may whither…. What is most important, is the powerful influence you hold for yourself in your own life. 

The truth be told, you are only capable of mastering your own life, everyone else is in charge of their life. So, do the inner work that is needed to hold you in a place of embracing your personal power this week! Be free of worrying about what other’s are doing, stay focused on your evolution. 

Together, as one great collective let us lift our consciousness to areas of Peace and Harmony, so as we step forward we may support each other on our individual and divine paths.

 We have each chosen our own Soul Expression in this World! So, claim your own inner strength and power to be as, beautiful as you can always be!

Join me in the creative forces of meditation and visualization, enjoy this Scorpio Full Moon meditation.

With infinite Love!
I bow to the Light within you!



When asked to write a bio - I believe that no words can truly describe one's essence fully. What I share with you here is one simple facet of many, moving variables, essences and dimensions of myself.

My journey started very clearly one day, awakening as a very young child in the early morning hours feeling that I "finally arrived in my body". Ever since then, I have had this strong inner calling that has never waver throughout all my life experiences - to fulfill my higher purpose.

Having grown up across the oceans in Africa - one becomes innately connected and attuned to the energies of the Earth, spiritual realms and healing. My curiosity and intrigued with healing, mind-body-soul, and intuitive work started early in life leading me to naturally pursue studies in multiple healing modalities, mystical arts and metaphysics. I have been blessed to study under various naturally, gifted healers - each one unlocking a very particular essence within me - awakening me to my Soul Purpose in life.  

The flow of life has taught me that everything is "divinely timed", that there is no one way to do anything, and that each of us are entirely unique and precious. It is from this premise that I fulfill my Soul Purpose and Dharma. Where I have been drawn to extend myself as a conduit to help others whom too seek the fulfillment of their Soul’s Mission and yearn to learn the balance of discovering harmony, love, peace, truth and healing in life.

Everyday is a blessing, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose, to learn, share, heal and inspire others.

I believe in taking each moment at a time!

Infinite Love,

Belinda Pearl.