FULL MOON Sagittarius! Jupiter Stations Direct! We cannot ask for more!

Wow! Magic in the Making!

We cannot ask for more! This is a time for expansion and optimism. All that has felt uncomfortable has been purposeful for this exact moment for you to truly bring into action that which now fulfills your greatest Truth.

We have been asked to step forward on the Cosmic front in order to truly stand forward for our personal cause,  and embrace our Soul Potential.

This is such an optimal time for healing, inspiration, seeking the truth and opening to the Potent Potential within!

The Great Guru ruler of Sagittarius is definitely creating Waves of Exponential Light across the Universal Ocean! Jupiter goes direct while the Moon becomes Full! A glorious moment for you to see your True Benevolent Self!

This week you will see, feel and experience the immense support from the Cosmos and this Benevolent Guru of the Sky. All of this support will be amplified when you open-heartedly honour your connections with your Gurus, your Mentors, your Supporters and Protectors. It is prime time to gather your Spiritual Team, and all the Forces of Light, they have been waiting to wrap you in a warm blanket of spiritual love and support; as you ready yourself to venture out upon this unfolding journey.

Sagittarius is all about going beyond the comfort zone of your immediate surroundings, today you are invited to step confidently abroad in all your becomings. No more thinking small, now you are truly being asked to think big! Go Big! Be Big! 

So, grab your pen and journal! It is time to take action as, you fully commit to your intentions and goals. 

Take this moment to outline your Visions to bring them fully into manifestation, the full moon is all about taking action.

Meditations + the Muse: The Moon Goddess - Sagittarius Moon is all about Optimism Step Forward for your Cause! Jupiter Stations Direction, Sagittarius Full Moon, Gemini Sun... what a mouthful :) Time to set our Intentions high, as we truly inspire our True Self to optimistically shoot towards the Stars and Beyond with all our Dreams! It is a time, to be optimistically positive with all our Goals, Dreams and Intentions!

No more dilly-dally’ing! Heed this call, it is for YOU to truly embrace all that you have dreamed of, as you forge forward towards your greatness! This full moon energy will renew your faith when you take these active steps, in claiming your birthright to succeed in realizing your dharma.

While you are readying yourself for success, remember that Sag falls in the zodiac arena which encourages us all to work together in collective unison. So, be inspirational to all your potential partners, inspire them too, to leap forward towards their goals! When we inspire each other, the ripple effect is exponential!

Remember, all your Cosmic teachers love you unconditionally, they are your cheerleaders encouraging you onwards and upwards towards self-mastery. All they ask is for you to see yourself in that Light too, so reach for the stars and beyond.

And now, with the Moon in Great Sagittarius and his ruler, Jupiter back enroute... all the potentials you have been waiting for are now placed perfectly within your hands! So, go forth and make DREAMS happen!

With Expansive Love!
Be Brilliant!