New “Super” Moon Gemini! Oh! My who said that?

When Gemini comes into the Picture the Inner Voice turns up the Volume, and we begin to hear that other side of our Self!

Aspire to Inspire through the Power of your Being.
— Belinda Pearl

Like every New Moon, new moons offer to us new seeding grounds for new opportunities to be birthed in our Future! This New Moon in Gemini at 04° offers to us, a playground that invokes the space of our inner realm of thoughts and thinking! 

So, my question to you is…. “What is going on in your inner realm? What voices are you hearing? And, is that voice kind or not so kind??”

Let us take a leap forward, to discover what would happen if you toned down the inner critic, you could offer to yourself an explicit Stage for Creation and Clear Manifestation! Yet, in order to do so, you will need to work on that inner radio station in order to free yourself into the Realm of New Possibilities! 

Some of us may still be churning through the past year’s experiences, and still dusting off those scrapes and bruises. Yet, if you allow yourself to fixate on that, you may forget to look up at what is coming your way! Gemini too, has a tendency to be a little bit of a downer on the inner realm but, when in the company of others… Gemini can most definitely hide the inner realm of doubt! So, look towards the Light in each moment, as each moment has offered to you a stepping stone towards a greater unfoldment.

Now is your opportunity to really say “It is time! To let my inner critic go to bed!” There are many techniques that you can use to shift your mindset, though it is important to find the right technique for you. Below are a few that you may find helpful, I suggest you try out the one or one’s which resonates best with you. 

One thing to remember, do not want to bury any negative thoughts, it is best to release them. Burying these negative thoughts within in my opinion may lead to other issues in the future. 

  1. Feel the issue or through pattern, see where it comes up for you in your body. Then, close your eyes, and breathe into that part of your body by drawing your breath to that place. Continue to fill that place in your body with your breath until you feel that you are no longer holding onto that energy.
  2. If you find yourself affected by someone or something, envision yourself surrounded by a beautiful light of any colour. Allow that bubble to be expansive so, that you are surrounded in your own sacred space. You can imagine that any unbalancing energies be transmuted into Light by your sacred bubble.
  3. Use affirmation to replace a thought pattern that continues to run through the mind. However, when we use affirmation it is important to reframe from using the word “not” in the affirmation. Example: “I am intelligent” vs. “I am not stupid.” 

There are many more, however I find that these techniques work really well when first starting out to shift your mindset to a more positive vibration. 

Remember, all thoughts carry a vibration. So, as we set out on this New “Super” Moon energy let us consciously choose to attune our mind to the power within us, and allow that power to ripple into the Ethers of the Universe. So, that each of us can attract into our life the Abundance that we wish to be.

May your heart be filled with the Ritual of Letting Go and Being in the mindset of Abundance! 

You are an Almighty Miracle! May you see yourself always in that Light! When you step into that place in you, I can step into that place within me.

Blessings and Love!

PS. Do you want to learn how to meditate? You can visit me on my YouTube Channel, for guided meditations


When asked to write a bio - I believe that no words can truly describe one's essence fully. What I share with you here is one simple facet of many, moving variables, essences and dimensions of myself.

My journey started very clearly one day, awakening as a very young child in the early morning hours feeling that I "finally arrived in my body". Ever since then, I have had this strong inner calling that has never waver throughout all my life experiences - to fulfill my higher purpose.

Having grown up across the oceans in Africa - one becomes innately connected and attuned to the energies of the Earth, spiritual realms and healing. My curiosity and intrigued with healing, mind-body-soul, and intuitive work started early in life leading me to naturally pursue studies in multiple healing modalities, mystical arts and metaphysics. I have been blessed to study under various naturally, gifted healers - each one unlocking a very particular essence within me - awakening me to my Soul Purpose in life.  

The flow of life has taught me that everything is "divinely timed", that there is no one way to do anything, and that each of us are entirely unique and precious. It is from this premise that I fulfill my Soul Purpose and Dharma. Where I have been drawn to extend myself as a conduit to help others whom too seek the fulfillment of their Soul’s Mission and yearn to learn the balance of discovering harmony, love, peace, truth and healing in life.

Everyday is a blessing, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose, to learn, share, heal and inspire others.

I believe in taking each moment at a time!

Infinite Love,

Belinda Pearl.