Build a New World with the New Moon Capricorn


This one knows to begin with great intensity. She celebrates the start of Tevet, knowing there is a possibility of building a new world. This native is at home with practicality -- maybe he or she has a practical home. They may even work from home. This movement marks the end of concern for petty issues. These natives get their grace and feel whole when working.

There is a Universal imperative to keep the Old Ways. This can extend even to upbringing. It is highly likely that your grandparents raised you or had a heavy influence on your childhood. It is common to feel nurtured by the scent of cigars, old-school barbershops, and classic cologne. Following a step-by-step plan, this moon is about implementing plans into practice.

...bridge between inner and outer worlds to be as strong as possible.

Still, even with all of this power, the native experiences anxiety around claiming who they are and who they are becoming. This is the first moon on the bridge to the Other Side, where the outer planets and higher realms reside. Therefore, it may seem she does not care about internal Milky Way issues and ends up reflecting "dryness" back at others -- not being terribly empathetic sometimes. This moon just sees the bigger picture and wants whatever bridge between inner and outer worlds to be as strong as possible. This moon represents a stern mother, or being a mother to your mother. Providing stability in a time of flux.


This dedicated Archer stopped by Neptune on her way to Earth to see what it was about. During her exploration, she found Astrology as a little girl and would peruse the astrology section of the newspaper from time to time for entertainment. One day, Saturn decided to reintroduce himself to her and she has honed this interest for the last ten years. Riya lives in San Diego.