Cosmic Channeling: Living with Hope

Channeling Corner

The mind is a powerful asset when you surrender it into Silence, the clarity of life becomes clearer allowing the rays of Hope to shine through.

Most often the mind is clouded by an addiction to thinking, a continual stream of thoughts masks the potentiality of life waiting to be experienced. But when a moment of stillness breaks through like a ray of sun shine, that ray can invite in the illumination of Hope to shine, providing infinite realizations that life is ,in fact, guiding you to where you need to go.

This channeling came through in a moment of stillness, gifted by the Angel of Hope! Enjoy :)

Living with Hope.

All creatures of this world, and beyond.
Believe in the beauty of hope.

Hope provides us with an infinite garden in which we can choose to plant our seeds of Love.
Hope is a landscape with an never ending vista of believing there is more.

More in this life and more beyond the veil,
More to be achieved than just settling for what some may believe is the end.
Hope provides us with the infinite possibilities of realizing dreams,
And taking those dreams to the next level,
And into the next dimension.

Hope is your fountain of youth,
Your sacred chalice of faith.
— Cosmic Muse

So, never give up.
Plant your seed of hope,
And continue to water it with love + compassion.

Love + compassion for Self,
When we realize that self-nurturing is the foundation
Of being able to give hope + love to others,
Life automatically renews, springs up and replenishes
Itself in the pond of Living an immaculate life of living in love.

Hope is your fountain of youth,
Your sacred chalice of faith.

Hope provides all with an immense
Sense of joy, and optimism.

Live life with hope, optimism and joy,
And you shall live a life of great opportunity
Creating a space of everlasting possibilities.

Live life in Hope,
Live life in Love.
Live life with a beautiful heart,
Touching all those that come to cross your path.

//: Channeled by the Cosmic Muse, accompanied by the Angel of Hope.
++ wrapped in a sweet wrapping of emerald greens.
(Original channeling May 21, 2014)