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The Mystic's Circle: Re-Unite with your Spirit Guides.

  • Bliss Yoga 312 North Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, CA, 92024 United States (map)

With the thinning Veil before Samhain, a perfect setting has been created for us to consciously re-unite with the Realm of Spirit. Together, we will peer through the veil, calling forth our Spirit Guides on Friday, October 27th arrive at 5:45PM for 6PM.

Through a guided experience you will get to develop your unique abilities, which will help lead you to:

  • Discover how to connect to the Realm of your Spirit Guides.
  • Learn how to tune into Spirit Guidance.
  • Create a bridge to communicate with your Spirit Guides.
When I realized my True Being I left behind my human destiny to look after itself.
— Nisargadatta

After our meditative excursion we will enjoy a reflective conversation to ground and connect. You will also pick up tips and insights to take home for your personal practice.

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This event is guided by Belinda Pearl, she will take you on a Mystical excursion of the Spiritual Realm, sharing insight into The Mystic's Way of connecting with the Realm of your Spiritual Guides.