Mercury Retrograde an Offering of Creative Reflections

Welcome! Welcome! Open your heart to the Creative Offerings of Reflection during Mercury Retrograde.

In the early morning hours our Dearest Mercury stationed in Virgo, creating a darkened landscape for our mind and intellect to play in the nether regions Virgo’s karmic influences allowing for review and reflection of our Service here in this Life.

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.
— Gloria Steinem

Mercury is joined or better yet, conjoin with Venus and Jupiter - this is a beautiful aspect warranting tidal waves of good fortune and love to stream in your way! So, even if you cringe at the words “Mercury Retrograde” know that this auspicious time gives you a grander opportunity to truly reflect on “that which has passed” from the beginning of the year until now. With all that great knowledge you have collected along the way, you can use this time to plan ahead for the next few months of the year, deciding on how you wish to make your grand exit of this 9 year.

The conjoining aspect of Venus and Jupiter offer to you the foundation onto which you can build new opportunities, which perfectly aligns with you positively utilizing this “Mercury Time-out” to gather your thoughts into a formidable action plan. So, once Mercury is flowing back on his usual course, you already have a plan to start rolling out!

Take in a deep breath! Know all is timed perfectly right..! Now, use this moment to sit in deep meditation to reflect upon the grander scape of life by willfully putting into play your carefully chosen thoughts. The Law of Attraction takes some time for the manifestations to come into reality, that is why this “space in time” is so powerfully aligned allowing you can creatively co-create with the ever-evolving Universe!

Let me take you on a guided meditation journey of consciously co-creating with the Universe.

Love Always!