The Gift is Here: New Moon in Virgo Doubled up with a Solar Eclipse.

What more could one ask for when we are invited to re-organize our inner closets of life, living, planning + projecting?

We are even still additionally enticed with a more yin approach to our lives with Mercury now in full progression of his retrograding phase. The big invitation to this inner party of reflection invites us deeper into the space of retrospection.

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
— A.A. Milne

From the shadowy view of the eclipse, we can list out (benefits of Virgo), all those things that we are NOT in integrity with ourselves. Eclipses offer us time for great change + initiations, with this Solar Eclipse we are given the space for new opportunities + beginnings, this is where your Virgo List comes in handy to list out all your “to-do’s” + “to-release’s”. You can literally engage with the moon-eclipse energy to start a snowball effect, but first we need to make space for the new energy to be drawn into. That is why it is now of utmost importance to be ready to release all the binds that tie you to your stickiness that continues to keep you stuck re-running your past.

Cosmically we've been supported along the way with this process of "letting go" and surrendering to the passages of time. What more can you ask for. So, go now... Get that piece of paper. Sit for a moment. Reflect. Then, on one side write all those things you have fallen out of integrity with yourself. Then, on the opposite side (this is for the new moon energy) write how you can be integrity with yourself. Maybe they match one-for-one or maybe you use this list of being in integrity with yourself to bring you back on track.

The Solar eclipse aligns with the North Node in Virgo from here we get to see more clarity + integrity spindle into our lives - where we can endeavour to choose to do the inner work rather than to push it aside, or under the rug. In order for us to master our lives, we need to be prepared to take the garbage out once and for all. Cosmically, everything is aligned and the proverbial trashcan awaits your junk! Be brave we are living in a “win-win” arena where once we get clear with our needs + motivations, we allow the snowball effect to gain momentum +  gather wisdom verse dust from our past self-defeating patterning. It is truly a time to “get REAL”.

By getting “real” and clear with our self, by endeavouring to let go with no harm done. In fact, freedom! Freedom will announce it’s self to you - you for sure will not miss the sign board once, you are willing to create the space in your life for “new’ness”.  The time is NOW to move on forward. You can do this.... The Universe is conjuring the energies just for you to step into your own pure valiant truth!

We are living in powerful times + being supported to end this year well. Even with the orderly fashion that Virgo sets out to help us end the old, there are other planetary influences that are assisting our progress in a more expansive, compassionate and loving "big picture” view. Look at the night once the Sun has set and see the conjuncture of Venus and Jupiter together dancing so esoterically in the sky. They are our big "yippie yay!" providing grand opportunities to think big + to know that there are more awe-inspiring probabilities on the way! Make sure you take a look at this dance between these two planets, they will not be seen dancing this close again until 2065. It is such a grand opportunity to embrace the gifts of the gods, even when we seem to be in despair with the World, the Universe continues to gives us a cosmic carrot on which to focus. The times may be full of growing pains, but do not give-up because the World awaits your specific brand of grandness!

Remember, we are setting the stage for our expansion, both our consciousness as well as, our Spiritual Hearts. Rewards will be reaped, if you are willing to “lighten up!” Lighten up with an Akashic Records Reading.

With Ever-Abundant Love!