Mercury Stations! And, doors swing open!

Yes! Let us together jump, jump, jump for JOY!
At least for those that have had a tumultuously Mercury Retrograde.

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.
— Marcus Aurelius

Finally, Mercury is heading back on track and so can we. No more wondering if Mercury is still in Retrograde, it is in the final swing around the tree and then, we can all take a quick breather knowing that our time for reflection and review has been well paid off. We can take all those lessons and pack them firmly into our own forward motion.

With Mercury stationing in Virgo today, we get to list out all those reflections and insights that came to light during the retrograding phase, as we prepare our self for a “new” launch into life.

Tomorrow marks the date for the Autumn Equinox, with a whole lot of cosmic play in the sky - doorways are expected to swing open with new opportunities for growth and expansion. We will be asked to bring balance into life, where the darkening days (North Hemisphere) bring us deeper into a space for our own inner evolution. As the year winds down and the leaves fall from the trees, a clear mark and distinction is being made of the old being ushered out so, we can rest. This process symbolizes a stage for inner preparations, as we delve deeper into our own spiritual awakening and eventual enlightenment when the Sun is reborn at the time of the winter solstice.

So, all together now, let us sing a big “Hallelujah!”
No more miscommunications, electronic up-flares or unexpected shifts in arrangements. We have a few months of sweet sailing before the next retrograde invites us back into restful reflection.

During the time of Mercury Stationing, we are given the opportunity for in depth introspection - drawing out your tarot cards for a quick tarot card reading will help provide insight and clarity for this time of reflection.