Ready for a Reboot? Under the Luminescent Light of the Full Moon Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Are you ready for a Cosmic Reboot, emotional release + an energy upgrade in the Spiritual Imaginative Realm of All’ness?

Welcome in the light of the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with Sun in Pisces, and Mercury Retrograde mid-point.  (Now that is a mouthful!)

Let us collectively hollow “Yes! We are ready for a Reboot!”

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.
— John Keats

This is the time to jump down the rabbit hole, because you are literally going to be sucked down it no matter what! This is all meant in the kindest and sweetest way for our Evolution in Life and for this Planet.

Let us look at some technicalities of this full moon before we dive into the watery realm of our fondest imagination - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is conjunct the Wounded Healer, Chiron this cosmic accumulation gestures us towards the rabbit hole through which we are going to spring down. The conjunct energies ready us to be embraced into the arms of recalibration + this grandiose “Reboot!" With the wounded healer, Chiron playing in our court he encourages us to truly heal those old wounds that we have been so waiting to release and take care of for so long. 2016 offers us that conclusion to releasing these old wound, now that we are running into it’s last quarter, we can all feel the wheels are churning with the impending dawn of a new year that will welcome in many new beginnings.

However, let us stay in the present moment while gazing at the night sky - We can all stand ready for the illuminating lunar energies to wash over our distraught minds, clearing new neural pathways for an implosion of sacred love to cuddle our brainwaves! Woohoo! that is a lot of love that will be coming your way, so truly prepare yourself to anchor off the shore of the cosmic big island where you can surrender into a pool of infinite peace.

The bridge between Pisces and Virgo activates our internal mechanisms taking our practical mind, into the infinite space of dream-induced states of new conscious awareness. This is literally a subtle body upgrade! So pay attention to the meanderings of your mind, and the subtlety that life with serve your way.

Anchor into the emotional components where the light of the lunar eclipse with conjunct Chiron offer to you a grand opportunity to truly view life through the lens of love. Where you can love all your old wounds back into healing and for once truly be ready to say “goodbye!” to what was in the past.

The solace we can take when releasing old wounds is that when we do choose to release, we create space for many new beginnings to flourish within. The impending vibration of next year which brings us to a “1” year opens a gateway for a flurry of new beginnings and opportunities to rush in.

And, that brings us to exactly were we are now - a time to go into the closet (literally) and throw away all those old has-beens, maybe’s, just-incase, my-exboyfriend-gave me’s and finally be done with it ALL! In the Northern Hemisphere the winds have changed, we are feeling the cooler breeze ushering in a time for inner work to be done. We are finished with our galavanting in our summer frocks and now, is the time to truly focus inwardly on the potentials that have been laying dormant because we have been too focused on the outer world.

Pisces Moon offers even more space to our mind, we can finally look deep within the realm of inner space and offer to ourself the infinite potential of dreaming. This is where we dive deeper into our expanded consciousness, escaping the Real World for a moment and open the rabbit hole even further so to leap even further into our creative imagination. From this inner realm we get to use our creative minds even more effectively as we begin the conjuring of new possibilities. The rabbit hole awaits, so use this eclipse energy to lighten your load, send off the old baggage and leap feverishly into this impending portal opening to embrace the new YOU! This is truly a powerful time if you are ready to allow yourself the opportunity of stepping into the the field of potentiality.

“Down the Rabbit Hole!” I say. Forget the box, that you have been packaged in due to societies teachings, just because you were taught it in school, it does not mean that it is true. We are here to expand our minds, and seek beyond the walls of the concrete rooms - take off that old habit and begin something new! There is literally the “writing in the sky” encouraging you to hop, skip ’n jump your way into a brand new YOU! So let us collectively give ourselves a chance!

With our toes already dipping into the expansive pool of consciousness, let us leap in washing off the old as we dive into all the potential that simply awaits us! I promise to do it, so join me, as we dance merrily down the gold brick road into the infinite realm of possibilities.

Pisces always presents us with an opportunity to upgrade our Consciousness as, we dip into the far reaches of the Universe. Meditation provides us with the platform through which we can literally rewire our brain.

With Absolute Cosmic Love!