Join Sagittarius in the Cosmic dance of Happiness and Lightness of Being

We can soothe and nurture ourselves through finding what is high-minded, most important to us, what brings us back to center, or home.

Just as the First Light initiated the dawn of the universe, it is the reigning energy that allows our Third Eye to survey internal galaxies and provides us with warmth and heat. The strength of our third Sagittarian decan does the same. Its ambitions are to take the amorphous mass of lofty goals that were mulled over, initiated in the first two decans and then bring them to our material plane where all can make sense and order of the result. 

We can then bring this light to others, re-igniting and revitalizing their lights, hopes, and dreams. Using the inferences brought forth from life experiences, events, relationships and whispers from the Universe, we continue our Cosmic dance toward happiness with a lightness of being, as if we were aristocracy. Aristotle, who understood the role of the philosopher king, defined happiness is a balanced state of contentment, or eudaimonia, brought about by the contemplation of a good life, usually at the end of one. 

But as Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, contemplation in this sense does not mean quiet inactivity. Nor does it mean wait until the end of your life! Now is the time for allowing the introspection needed to crystallize our Selves' healing through aggressive living and release of have-to's and shoulds that may not have served us. With Pluto prominent, there may be no "game plan" or strategy toward your goal or your role-- you just have to get there. We are aware of two opposites, two excesses and choose with the full agency to walk the line.

Herein we can recognize the "good." We can soothe and nurture ourselves through finding what is high-minded, most important to us, what brings us back to center, or home. Through this process, we can see our Soul's truth about what is joyful -- we can implore our inner explorer to sample all of the games of the universal arcade that we manifest during our lifetimes. The passion, the fire this zodiac sign brings then becomes reflected on and in our Being. 

We can take time to write goals down with great detail, go out with best friends to a social outing, or just practice gratitude for how good life has been thus far. The most important thing is to do live life with "both hands, both feet." Be fearless in embracing experiences as they shape and mold, information you gain along the way, your personal philosophy and accepting others as they are.

Next week we will wander over to Capricorn and make sure that we cross our I's and, er, nevermind!


This dedicated Archer stopped by Neptune on her way to Earth to see what it was about. During her exploration, she found Astrology as a little girl and would peruse the astrology section of the newspaper from time to time for entertainment. One day, Saturn decided to reintroduce himself to her and she has honed this interest for the last ten years. Riya lives in San Diego.