Pearl of Wisdom. Inspiration for YOU. Inspiration for ME.

My heart is captivated + illuminated.....
My adventures into the realm of Spirit are truly beginning to draw forth the illuminating light of love into the World.....
This week I had shared a writing with a group of individuals...
Their sweet comments have been completely tantalizing my heart 💗

This is my own personal reminder to remember..
That to never give up!
To continue down my path..
Not to seek or look..
But, rather to know my own truth…
I share this with you…
As an inspiration for your own Soul.
Look at your heart,
Listen to it’s tune…
You know exactly that which is YOU.
That which is yours!
Like Golden Nuggets in a steam….
All that is yours..
Will sparkle and scream..
with your name shining forth..
for you to gladly embrace..

May we all find that which is true to our Heart,
That we all can bring forth the light of our own Sweet Heart!

Below is the Spirit-Inspired Words from a Reflection of Me:

What I love most in the connection that Spirit has with me, and I have with Spirit.
Spirit talks in sweet vibrations that seemingly swell out upon the page from Spirit through heart to hand…..
There in lies the gift of life, and letting go….
when I can freely allow the words of God to write freely through the empowered love of my heart..
Where I trust with complete faith the love that flows freely.
The Love that beckons me on to find full faith in my own heart to allow the Love of the Divine to speak through my heart..
And beyond.. sharing with the World the Sweetness of love that tantalizes and entrances the Beings that cross the words that have spilled forth..
With no hindrances my Heart spills forth with absolute love..
For I hear you..
and you are heard by the heart of God..
There is not separation ,
But threads that bind us to the everlasting feast of love…
that renders us ready to the beauty of our own heart yearning to be seen and held in the palm of our own beloved heart.
Now is the time to see yourself and the love that is flowing in your life
You are the champion of all champions,
You are the Hero of all hero’s….
the Hero and Champion of your own life..
So, step bravely into your heart…
Shout with so much love..
that you are the conqueror of all your fears,
For fears no longer exist…
When the Veils of time lift..
you shall see your own reflection in the reflection of me,
And in the glint of God’s eyes..
yes, you..
And, most of all loved.
Loved dearly.
you are my beloved.
beloved of all.
You are me.
And, I am you!
Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
— Rumi

BE. Beautiful!
BE. All you can BE.
BE. Spirit Led!

Leap forward in life with me, I will guide you on a path of personal development and spiritual awakening.
Love Always + Infinitely!